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Emily In Paris Season 2: Release Date, Cast And Trailer

Emily In Paris Season 2: Release Date, Cast And Trailer

We neeed to know if Gabriel chooses Emily or Camille!

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Filming for the second instalment of Netflix's hit comedy series, Emily in Paris, is now complete - and we are buzzing! Here's everything we know about the shiny new season.

Lily Collins stars as the ditsy American girl in Paris in this bngeable comedy from the makers of Sex and the City.

Fans were obsesed with the new series, which reached 58 million households across the globe in its first 28 days, making it the most popular comedy series on Netflix of 2020.

What is Emily in Paris about?

Warning - season 1 spoilers.

During season 1, which was released in October 2020, we watched Emily move from Chicago to the French capital to provide an "American perspective" to her marketing firm's boutique agency, Savoir. Emily had to get her head around learning the french language and customs, all while trying to prove her worth to her uptight boss Sylvie who constantly tries (and fails) to burst her bubble

Emily in Paris (

Season 1 saw Emily whisk through several romances, form new friendships, get fired and rehired, and become entangled in a love triangle with her hunky neighbour Gabriel and her new best friend/his girlfriend, Camille.

And the first question fans want answers to in season 2 - Does Gabriel choose Emily or Camille?

Emily in Paris season 2 release date

Filming for the second season wrapped in August 2021 and is set to be released on Netflix on 22nd December.

By the looks of Instagram, some of the series was filmed in St Tropez and it looks like a girls vacay is happening.

Emily in Paris season 2 trailer

As filming has only just wrapped, it's too early for a trailer yet. Keep checking back though as we'll drop one right here as soon as it's released.

Emily in Paris season 2 cast

Alongside Lily Collins who plays Emily, we've spotted Ashley Park, who plays Emily's expat friend Mindy, and Camille Razat who plays Camille, appearing in photos on set.

We're also sure to see Lucas Bravo reprise his role as Gabriel and other key characters such as Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), Luc (Bruno Gouery), Julien (Samuel Arnold), and Antoine (William Abadie) return in the second season.

Emily in Paris season 1 is available to stream on Netflix now.Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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