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Royal Fans Spot Secret Message On Harry And Meghan's Wedding Ride

Royal Fans Spot Secret Message On Harry And Meghan's Wedding Ride

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted the cryptic message on the royal vehicle.

When the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle happened in 2018, there was plenty of gorgeous details to take in.

That's why it's taken until now for some sharp-eyed royal fans to spot a secret message from the big day. It's a blink and you will miss it moment but the hidden message is there to see.

The pair wed in May 2018 but it's taken fans until now to spot the secret message. (

The pair enjoyed a lavish day on the 19th May 2018, including an elaborate ceremony at Windsor Castle followed by driving away to their evening ceremony in a stylish blue Jaguar.

The car held a registration plate reading E190518, which might not seem that distinctive or anything to note. However, royal fans now claim the E stands for established, and the other numbers being the date of their wedding; 19/05/18.

Clever eh?

One eagle-eyed royal fan spotted the hidden message (

The genius fan who noticed the message shared their findings on Twitter. They revealed: "Yoooo I am so embarrassed. I was watching the royal wedding for the 200th time and it’s only now that I noticed the licence plate."

While another said: "Wow! Hadn’t noticed. Thanks."

And a third shared: "Oh wow I never noticed that, good job."

However not all royal fans were that impressed with the discovery. One knowledgeable user tweeted: "It's the date Harry & Meghan got married.....It was mentioned during the broadcast commentary, depending on which station you were tuned in to..."

Apparently the cute touch is quite common for wedding cars, as one user shared: "I personalised my number plates too. The dates of when I first met my husband."

The married couple no longer serve in the royal family. (

Some people also took the chance to remark on how much has changed for the couple since they wed three years ago. One user shared: "K [knowing] what we now know, it is really hard to watch and fully enjoy it

Last year the pair announced they would be stepping back from royal duties before choosing to settle in California.

Earlier this year, the pair welcomed their second child, Lillibet, who joins their son Archie.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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