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Maltesers Launches Orange-Flavoured Buttons

Maltesers Launches Orange-Flavoured Buttons

Two of our favourite things in one delicious chocolate button.

Maltesers has now launched a zesty new twist on its chocolate Buttons, bringing out an orange flavour to add to the pack.

If the thought of chocolate and orange combined makes you drool, the new chocolate orange buttons range from Maltesers is one not to be missed.

Brits already eat 180 million Maltesers treats every single year, and customers are sure to approve new citrus-infused Maltesers orange Buttons when the chocs hits shelves nationwide in stores later this week.  

The orange flavour Maltesers buttons will be available in different packs (

Maltesers Buttons have taken the nation by storm since the chocolate treat launched in 2018, with 68 million packs already sold in Britain. 

Just like the classic treat we all love, the buttons are deliciously crunchy, but have a higher ratio of chocolate to malt and are also much flatter in their shape.

They are a must have for fans of chocolate and orange (

Maltesers orange Buttons will be launched in four pack formats to satisfy each and every snacker. The formats include: single (£0.63), Treat Bag (£1.19), Share Pouch (£2.09) and More to Share Pouch (£2.79).

If you opt for the share pouch, we won't judge if you keep them all to yourself!

The Maltesers buttons are also available in a delicious mint flavour. The Mint Maltesers Buttons will be available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a single 32g packet (£0.66) to a 102g pouch (£2.09).

Maltesers buttons are also available in mint (

With the hot weather set to continue over the coming days, we're all looking for a sweet frozen treat to help us cool off. Luckily, the chocolate brand has also recently brought out a mint chocolate flavoured ice cream and it's filled with little malt pieces.

The packs, priced at £2.25, are currently only in Asda stores and online here.

They are made up of three minty fresh ice-creams, each with cocoa coated honeycomb pieces mixed into them and thick coats of milk chocolate. Delicious!

Featured Image Credit: Maltesers

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