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Everything We Know About Zac Efron's Down To Earth Season 2

Everything We Know About Zac Efron's Down To Earth Season 2

Zac Efron will take viewers 'down under' in the new season.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

This week we bought you the news that after a successful first season in 2020, Netflix has decided to commission Zac Efron to go on a hell of a lot more adventures.

The former High School Musical star became the face of Down To Earth With Zac Efron - the travel docu-series which "explores healthy, sustainable ways to live".

Zac Efron had quite a transformation for the show (

Filming has begun on the second season and it will also aim to provide "new perspectives on some very old problems".

The series sees Zac put his documentarian hat on to explore the globe with wellness expert and co-star Darin Olien.

But due to Covid-19 and Zac's semi-permanent move to Australia, there have been a few big changes...

Intrigued? We thought so!

Here's everything we know about Down To Earth.

What happened in the first season?

Don't worry if you need a quick reminder - so much happened. The show followed Zac and wellness expert Darin Olien embark on global adventures to countries like France, Puerto Rico, Iceland, London, Costa Rica, Lima, Sardinia, and Iquitos.

Along the way, the pair will learn more about sustainable living and the cultures they immerse themselves in.

Talking about the programme, Zac said: "We're travelling around the world to find some new perspectives on some very old problems.

"Food, water and energy are all the main staples for modern life. We're going to see some top eco innovators to see how change is an inside job. And we're going to be eating really, really well.

"We need to start rethinking how we consume everything, from our food to our power. Change has to start somewhere. Maybe it's about time we all changed. It's time to get down to earth."

And let's not forget how everyone collectively lost their minds after Zac debuted his 'dad bod' and hipster beard-combo.

What do we know about season 2?

Filming has begun in Australia this week.

Zac confirmed the news on Twitter with a picture of himself and Darin during a Welcome To Country ceremony lead by an Aboriginal Elder on Instagram.

Zac Efron has begun filming the second season of his popular travel series Down To Earth With Zac Efron (
Zac Efron/ Instagram)

In one snap, Zac and Darin had white paint on their faces and each wore a traditional red head-band.

Zac followed that with an image of the the pair sitting cross-legged on the grass during the ceremony.

When does season 2 air?

We don't have an exact date yet but Netflix has confirmed it's scheduled to premiere some time in 2022.

Brb, we're off to re-watch all of season 1 while we wait...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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