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People Are Saying 'Ares' On Netflix Is So 'F*king Disturbing' They Can't Finish It

People Are Saying 'Ares' On Netflix Is So 'F*king Disturbing' They Can't Finish It

Will you dare to watch?

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Netflix is no stranger to airing creepy flicks and TV series - and by the sounds of things, it has certainly not held back with new programme Ares.

The foreign language eight-part series has been causing quite a stir on Twitter with its occult plot that sees an ambitious new student, Rosa Steenwijk, join an exclusive society in Amsterdam that bears a horrifying secret.

It sounds like it's got all the ingredients of a horror. A cult society, a dark secret locked up in the basement, suicide, gory initiations and a place where power comes at a terrible price.

Bring that all together and you get viewers who are so disturbed by it they cannot bear to watch any more.

One took to Twitter to say: "Ares on netflix is so fu**ing disturbing i can't finish it".

A second commented: "Ok so has anybody watched Ares on netflix? cause im scared sh*tless and i wanna know if i should keep watching or".

Another added: "Ares on Netflix is fu**ed up on soooo many levels but us a true blue story of justice and revenge. AND DAMN DID THEY KEEP ME HOOKED. #Aresnetflix".

As a fourth said: #AresNetflix is disturbing, unsettling, creepy and weird as fuck. Exactly my kind of sh*t."

Lisa Smit plays Carmen who vies for the title of president of Ares (

Another even went as far as to say it had Carrie-esque vibes. We're expecting lots of stabbings or at least gory killings.

The Twitter goer said: "Just finished Ares. Wow! It wasn't what I expected but I loved it. Dark. Artsy. Atmospheric. Great cinematography. Creepy. A lot was unexplained. But the ending is very satisfying & slightly Carrie-esque. I hope there's a Season 2 & I wonder where it takes us. #Aresnetflix #Ares".

It's massively binge-able though at just 25-30 minutes an episode, so if you're a horror lover you can whizz through, or if you're a bit of a scaredy cat, it's easy to dip in and out of with such short stints offered up.

Jade Olieberg plays Rosa Steenwijk in 'Ares' (

It's not the only disturbing show Netflix has offered up this year either, with people calling The Stranger, which dropped last month, a "mind f**k" too.

Jheez. There's just so much on our watch list.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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