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People Can't Believe This Charity Advert With Jennifer Aniston Was Allowed To Air

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People Can't Believe This Charity Advert With Jennifer Aniston Was Allowed To Air

A Jennifer Aniston charity advert has gone viral after resurfacing from 2018.

The clip shows the Friends actress speaking to a child called Alexander, who had cancer, and it was filmed with the very noble intent of raising money for St Jude Children's Research over Thanksgiving.

But upon casting eyes over the clip again, fans are questioning how it aired, after noticing one moment sounded rather "shady" - even if it was unintentional.

"Alexander's mum calls him the most perfect boy in the world," Jennifer tells cameras.


To which he replies, sweetly: "She's right."

"I love your confidence," Jen then tells the little boy.

Watch the clip below:



And while of course this praise was meant to be a genuine compliment, people have since proceeded to suggest it sounded like a snub.

Sharing the clip on TikTok,one user, named @natouttahell, said: "I cannot believe they allowed this to air."

"JENNIFER NO," someone wrote.

While another penned: "''I love your confidence' STAHP".


"She said 'Ok Alexander, anyways," joked someone else.

A fourth noted that little Alexander gave a side eye to the camera after the remark, seemingly noticing the awkwardness, too.

That side eye... (Credit: Youtube)
That side eye... (Credit: Youtube)



As another concurred: "Da way bro looked at da camera," alongside a dead emoji.

"I remember seeing this as a kid and being like 'hol up'," a fellow TikToker quipped.

Jen's intentions were naturally to raise a lot of money, and while the clip has raised some eyebrows, that she did.

The TV and movie favourite has starred in the St Jude advert since 2008, appearing in them annually, and she's also worked with other celebs to remake the Beatles song, “Hey Jude” in order to raise money for the hospital.


Speaking to Variety about the work she did with the hospital, Jen said the children she met over the years were "little heroes".

Jen in another children's hospital ad in 2019 (Credit: Youtube)
Jen in another children's hospital ad in 2019 (Credit: Youtube)

"I remember one year the little girl kept calling it her ‘owies,’ her little tumors, because they wouldn’t say the word ‘cancer in front of her.

"It’s the hardest day of the year and the greatest day of the year because they allow you to put it all into perspective.

"You see these little miracles, these heroes, walking through something that no child should ever have to be walking through."

You can find out more about St Jude and donate here.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube

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Joanna Freedman
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