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The Murder Of Jill Dando: True Crime Documentary Is On BBC iPlayer And Line Of Duty Fans Are Obsessed

The Murder Of Jill Dando: True Crime Documentary Is On BBC iPlayer And Line Of Duty Fans Are Obsessed

There were parallels between Jill’s murder and the murder of Gail Vella in season six.

If you’re a fan of true crime and you’re looking for something to watch, BBC iPlayer has got you covered.

The online streaming platform, which features recent and classic shows from the BBC, is now airing The Murder of Jill Dando, a documentary film that first aired in 2019.

Watch a clip below.

Originally being broadcast to mark 20 years since Jill was murdered on her doorstep in a quiet residential street in Fulham, the film looks at Jill’s extraordinary work as a popular television presenter, and the theories surrounding her death.

Jill Dando was a hugely well-liked presenter (
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The well-received film also looks at the wrongful conviction of Barry George, a local ‘loner’ who spent eight years in prison for Jill’s death before he was acquitted at a retrial.

True crime obsessives are already sinking their teeth into the film, with Twitter user and true crime fanatic @whatsthetee__ writing: “This is on iPlayer and it’s about one of the most famous murders in the U.K.

Jill Dando's murderer has still not been found (
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Just when you think the actual murder wasn’t bizarre enough (shot randomly at point blank on her doorstep in London) the investigation found some crazy connections.

“It’s so upsetting that her life was taken so young and the case inevitably went cold.”

Others were quick to add that they were keen on watching the programme, writing: “I’m so watching this,” and “This story always gave me the chills.”

However, fans of BBC corrupt copper drama, Line of Duty, drew parallels between Jill’s murder and the death of Gail Vella in the most recent series.

For those of you who missed it, Gail (played by Andi Osho) was an investigative journalist that reported on a series of incidents – and started to look at police corruption.

Gail Vella's story was similar to Jill Dando's (

Like Jill, Gail was also shot dead at her address, and while gang involvement is initially speculated, the wrong person is charged for Gail’s murder.

Fans of Line of Duty were quick to point out the similarities, with one person writing: “Everyone thought it was a coincidence that Jill Dando was referenced in Line of Duty. But that was precisely the point to highlight the interconnections of her murder with the very corrupt, rich and powerful.”

To which someone replied: “The similarity with the news reporter on Line of Duty that was murdered! And the suspicion on the poor boy that was thought to have done it was incredibly similar to what they did with the suspect. Such good tv.”

Others spotted similarities, as one person wrote: “Did you notice the parallels drawn between Terry/Gail Vella and Barry George/Jill Dando?”

People have noticed the comparisons (

Another said: “Gail Vella is basically Jill Dando, isn't she? The parallels aren't a coincidence.”

Line of Duty writer Jed Mercurio has never shied away of blurring the lines of reality and fiction when writing the programme.

The series has previously referenced Jimmy Saville, as well ‘Christopher Lawrence’ - a Black man who was victim of an unprovoked attack by a group of white thugs at a railway station before dying in custody. Fans were quick to draw similarities between Christopher Lawrence with both Stephen Lawrence and Christopher Alder cases.

The Murder Of Jill Dando and Line Of Duty are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: PA/BBC

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