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Married At First Sight UK Star Megan Hits Back At Trolls After Cruel Comments

Married At First Sight UK Star Megan Hits Back At Trolls After Cruel Comments

Megan experienced some unpleasant comments after Wednesday evening's episode.

Married at First Sight's Megan Wolfe has hit back at Instagram trolls after receiving cruel comments following Wednesday evening's episode.

Megan, 26, was criticised for her behaviour in the episode, with fans upset at some of the comments she made about husband Bob Voysey.

You can watch a clip below:

Responding to some of the scenes in the episode, one person wrote: "You belittled his confidence sm."

While another said: "Who does Megan think she is?! She has made Bob so uncomfortable. Talk about having no empathy and being a total brat. Blimey."

And a third added: "I do not like Megan, Big Bob is a lovely bloke and trying his best and she's treating him like rubbish."

"Is this whole dinner party going to be Megan belittling Bob?" Asked a fourth.

Megan sobbed to Bob about their lack of connection (

In response to the comments, Megan posted a series of Stories on her Instagram, including a repost from E4 which read: "To everyone, remember our brides and grooms are real people with friends and family who are all reading your comments.

"We know this show can sometimes spark debate, but let's all remember to #bekind."

She also added: "People entering a reality show isn't your cue to spew hate... channel your energy into yourself and start your healing.

"Only hurt people hurt people. And for that reason I won't be responding to any more negativity. My energy is more precious than that."

Megan confided in Alexis about her marriage (

In Wednesday's episode, Megan - who is struggling in her relationship with Bob - broke down when she realised that the majority of the other couples were in happy marriages with their couples.

Confiding in Alexis, she said: "It's so upsetting when you think you're going to get that love story and then it's like, oh s**t, this is not actually going to be my reality."

Hmmm, can these two work it out?

MAFS UK continues weeknights at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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