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This Edward Scissorhands Fan Theory Has People In Tears

This Edward Scissorhands Fan Theory Has People In Tears

This is so sad.

Edward Scissorhands fans, tissues at the ready. A heartbreaking fan theory about what actually happened after the film ends and it has reduced Edward and Kim shippers to tears. 

The romance tale, directed by Tim Burton, tells the story of a quiet artificial humanoid who was left unfinished by his creator with placeholder scissors for hands.

Kim tells Edward she loves him after her ex-boyfriend attacks them (
20th Century Fox)

In the film Edward (Johnny Depp) faces prejudice form the residents in a dystopian “American dream” suburb where he is taken in by a loving and open minded family and falls in love with their teenage daughter, Kim (Winona Ryder).

The film ends with Kim professing her love for Edward after her ex-boyfriend Jim (Anthony Michael Hall) dies.

Edward Scissorhands fans will know that the 1990 film has a framing device, with the beginning showing an elderly woman telling her granddaughter a story about a young man named Edward with scissors for hands. 

Some fans believe Kim did not reveal everything about her relationship with Edward (
20th Century Fox)

At the end of the film, following the scenes showing Kim telling Edward she loves him, the old woman telling the story is revealed to be Kim. She tells her granddaughter she never saw Edward again and she doesn’t visit him because she wants him to remember her as a youth.

However a fan on Reddit believes Kim may not have told the entire story of what happened between her and Edward in the end.

“She never mentions anything about the family she had after Edward, such as her own children or her assumed husband,” the user wrote in their Reddit post. 

“They are never shown or spoken of. She could have easily mentioned that she went down a different path, met a new partner and had her own family. She doesn’t.”

Fans think Kim and Edward had a child (
20th Century Fox)

The Reddit user believes Kim and Edward continued to see each other after he retreated to the mansion in which he was created, and there may even be proof they had a child together.

“It’s entirely possible that after Edward retreated to the mansion, Kim did in-fact visit him. 

“Her love remained strong and she helped him live the reminder of his life as an outcast. 

“They conceived at least one child, who then went on to have their own children. This is why it appears Kim is a widow despite having children and grandchildren. 

“She kept Edwards relationship secret to protect him, knowing society could never accept someone so extraordinary."

One fan responded and hailed the fan's post a good theory.

Another responder asked how Edward would conceive a child if he's a humanoid.

However, a post replied because his heart is real, and it was possible for him to fall in love, he could conceive a child.

This is so sad!

You can watch watch Edward Scissorhands on Disney+.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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