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Woman opens up about relationship with man nearly 40 years older than her

Woman opens up about relationship with man nearly 40 years older than her

Semie has said she has no problem calling herself a 'sugar baby'

A content creator from the US has opened up about getting into a relationship with a man nearly four decades older than her after the pair met online.

Semie Atadja met her partner Claudio on an online dating website called 'Seeking Arrangements'; a platform which offers a way for affluent men to meet women.

The couple have found that 'people make comments all the time' about their relationship, but six years after they first met, Semie, whose type is 'rich', has insisted they're 'definitely on a love boat'.

Semie and Claudio met on a dating site.

"Before I met Claudio I was trying to be an influencer and was working in small restaurant as waitress. I was in a really bad relationship with an addict. I broke up with him in February and then went on date with Claudio in April," 24-year-old Semie said of their relationship.

"It started with a message from Claudio saying 'Hey doll, do you like sushi?' on a Monday and then by Wednesday we met.

"We then went back to his, did some yoga and it went from there. We met up regularly and then when he invited me to a festival, that's when we fell in love! I moved in with him within three months."

At 60 years old, Claudio is a father of two and has four young granddaughters who Semie has welcomed into her life.

"I love being a grandmother," she said. "I've skipped the step of having kids and gone straight to grandchildren. I think the problem for me is I'm unsure if I even want children? I don’t want the nine months of pregnancy, so maybe surrogacy, but I love the way my life is and don’t see it changing."

Claudio's family have welcomed Semie into their lives.

Claudio's family 'took [Semie] in and were so nice', and she even has a 'great relationship' with his ex-wife. Semie didn't tell her own family about the relationship for a while, but now that she's spilled the beans they are said to be 'really supportive'.

The couple do receive a lot of criticism from strangers, but Semie believes people are just 'envious'. She said she has 'no problem' calling herself a sugar baby, and explained that while they've not agreed on a 'set amount', Claudio does pay her credit card bills.

"I think it’s a good thing I have a man who wants to make sure I'm financially stable. I have no problem calling myself a sugar baby, I mean, why not?," she said.

Claudio is a grandfather to four granddaughters.

"Sometimes what people say is just not ok, such as calling Claudio a paedophile so then I'll address it, but usually I ignore the negativity. When it first started happening it was stressing me out and I answered them all but Claudio asked me why I cared.

"People don’t understand what a sugar baby is and it sometimes falls under the category of sex work or escort, but that's not right. It's about dating affluent men and getting experiences you wouldn’t get dating someone the same age as you."

Semie described her life as a 'fairy tale', explaining: "We've recognised that life is too short to worry about what people have to say. Some people hate it and some people love it."

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