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Mum shares her controversial methods of parenting

Mum shares her controversial methods of parenting

She believes in 'holistic' parenting, but she's been accused of child abuse

While a lot of people will argue there is a right and a wrong way to raise children, at the end of the day, it's up to each parent.

Now, a woman whose parenting technique has been widely branded as controversial has shared how she does it on TikTok.

Kaytlynn Green, 23, doesn't parent like most people and instead adopts a holistic approach.

She decided to share her unusual parenting methods online, but this quickly resulted in strangers branding her as 'abusive' and 'controversial'.

In footage of her parenting, the mum explained that she rejected prenatal care during pregnancy as well as ultrasounds and tests that are typically carried out for a child's welfare as she simply doesn't think they're necessary.

She said: "We don't take them to doctors either. We don't go for regular checkups, we'll only go when they're sick, so we've only been once.

"Luckily, they don't really get sick, but if they did, I'd use holistic methods such as herbs, homeopathies, water and rest."

The mum then went on reveal that she follows a raw vegan diet, which her children also share.

Kaytlynn said: "We eat a whole-food plant-based diet and raise our kids that way too. They've been vegan since they were born. They've never had animal products.

"They don't have processed sugar or packaged foods like Doritos and no fast food either."


The mum added that her children don't have a set bedtime and can instead sleep when they are tired.

She also doesn't force her children to wear shoes and shared a video of one of them at 14 months old, roaming a store at 9:00pm barefoot.

Kaytlynn said: "I practice what's called holistic and respectful parenting, however people have told me I'm abusive for not allowing them to eat certain foods and tell me I don't deserve to have children.

"People also tell me it's dangerous to sleep in bed with them, and don't agree with me letting them be barefoot - as well as the fact I home-school them.

"I know what I do isn't classed as normal, but I didn't think it was controversial. The hate doesn't bother me, I'm very confident in my decisions and these people don't understand that."

The mum lets her children walk around barefoot.

The mum explained that she was excited to become a parent because she wanted to raise her children differently from how she was brought up herself.

She said: "I changed my discipline values, they shouldn't be hit, shamed or told their opinions don't matter. I don't agree with the whole what the parent says goes.

"I was raised to feel shamed and not voice my opinion, and I don't want my kids to feel like that."

Kaytlynn went on to reveal that when she began sharing her parenting techniques online, she did not think anyone would see them as controversial.

"We believe in child-led learning," she added. "I teach them whatever they're interested in, and that's what we learn about.

"I teach them about real-life experiences - such as going to the store and having to figure out how much things cost although people see it as controversial.

"Apparently, when we chose to let them have a say it's controversial.

"We give leniency, for example, if we were at the park and they don't want to leave, we'll resonate with them so they feel like they have a little control."

The mum said she carried out her own prenatal tests at home - like measuring her blood pressure.

But while the mum admits that some people see her methods as controversial, she said a lot of people have agreed with her parenting style too.

"I've found a lot of people who agree with me," she said.

Some of the hate comments directed at Kaytlynn include statements that she 'shouldn't have children' and accusations that she simply doesn't want to buy them shoes.

What do you think of her parenting techniques?

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