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Kristen Bell shares two words that are the secret to a happy marriage

Kristen Bell shares two words that are the secret to a happy marriage

Kristen Bell has been married to Dax Shepard for almost a decade

Kristen Bell has been married to her husband Dax Shepard for just under ten years, and she's ready to share her secrets.

Dax, 46, and Kristen, 42, have always been very open about the ups and downs in their relationship.

And, after nine years and two children, the Frozen actress insists that the key to a long and happy marriage comes down to just two words. Intriguing!

"Stay vulnerable," she told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet of her new film The People We Hate At The Wedding.

"At least my secret. You've got to be vulnerable - we have to be vulnerable when we don't want to be. That's what works for us."

The couple haven't made plans to celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary, but the Good Place actress has hinted that she'd be open to the idea of renewing her vows.

"Yeah, why not?" she said, before adding that the ceremony would probably be an intimate one at home with their children.

Kristen and Dax are parents to daughters Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7, and have just as many tips on parenting as they do marriage.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been married for almost a decade.
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In a recent interview with Today, Kristen shared that she always encourages her daughters to stand up for one another - even if it's to gang up on her.

"So sometimes, (one) will be like, 'I think I should have a dessert.' And I’m like, ‘No,’ and the other one’s like, ‘I think she should have a dessert, too. We’re on a team.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, then she’s gonna get a dessert.'"

And, when it comes to arguments, Kristen has a simple response fo her daughters.

“When they’re fighting, I look at them, and I say, you’re going to get nothing accomplished,” she shared.

Mum and Dad Kristen and Dax first met back in 2007, after they had come out of their respective long-term relationships with Kevin Mann and Kate Hudson.

For the next two years, the couple dated on and off before Dax proposed to Kristen in December 2009.

However, it wasn't until 2013 that the couple tied the knot, after famously vowing to wait until same-sex marriage was legalised in California.

Kristen regularly opens up about her marriage to Dax.
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When the marriage equality bill was passed, Kristen re-proposed to Dax, and the two enjoyed a low-key wedding at the Beverly Hills Courthouse.

As well as being vulnerable, Kristen has also admitted that therapy is a very important part of her successful marriage to Dax.

In an interview with People last year, she confessed: "Every couple of years, we're like, 'We're being very antagonistic towards each other,' and we don’t want that.

"We go back to therapy and figure out what I'm not doing that's best for you and what you're not doing that's best for me, and how we can serve this team goal better."

These two are just the definition of couple goals.

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