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Man gives lengthy reason why his Tinder date isn't a good match

Man gives lengthy reason why his Tinder date isn't a good match

He seemed reasonable at first and then his message took a disturbing turn for the worse.

Dating in the age of the apps is a minefield as people are typically more willing to speak their minds when hiding behind a screen.

Case in point, this woman who revealed the shocking outright rejection message she was sent on Tinder from a man who matched with her.

Now, if you're unlucky enough to be unfamiliar with Tinder's format, let me explain: you're only meant to swipe right on people you are interested in.

But after this man matched with a woman, he let her know exactly why he didn't think she'd be a good prospective partner.

Dating apps can be a minefield.
Alamy / Urbanmyth

The disturbing exchange began with the man revealing that he'd swiped right one the woman presumably without reading her bio, but now that he had, he wasn't interested anymore.

"I just read your bio," he wrote. "I'm sorry but I don't think we'd be a good match."

"Out of curiosity, which part made you determine that?" she replied.

The man went on to point out the woman was a single mother, explaining: "So I'll come second to children that aren't even mine."

Although he tried to look like a reasonable person by adding: "Which is totally understandable btw."

He then pointed out that the woman was 35 and therefore 'probably' doesn't want any more children, before assuming, 'even if you did there's about a 70 percent chance that you can't'.

The man also took umbrage with the fact that the woman described herself as 'independent' and said that her 'career will likely come before me as well'.

This Tinder user said it was also a sign that his match likely wasn't sexually submissive.

In his eyes, his match saying she was an independent woman meant that the she would use it 'as an excuse for [her] bad behaviour and masculine traits.'

The man concluded: "I want a stay at home wife that's the mother to my children who will give me stability and will stay loyal to me and is submissive."

However, he said it was 'impossible to find' and complained that 'modern dating is impossible for men like me lol.'

This man didn't hold back when rejecting his Tinder match.
Reddit / Tinder

The horrifying exchange unsurprisingly went viral when it was reposted to Reddit and users were quick to weigh in on the man's comments.

One remarked: "Yeah, he really used all those words to basically just say 'you don't look submissive and breedable. Lol'."

"Well, he's correct that modern dating is impossible for men like him. Thankfully!" added a second.

"He could've just... unmatched?? Why did he feel the need to go on this long rant?" questioned a third. "But at the same time you did ask for his opinion."

A fifth summed up the whole problem, writing: "Love how they read the bio AFTER swiping right and matching."

Featured Image Credit: Urbanmyth / Alamy Stock Photo Reddit

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