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Mum says she is so good-looking that married men ask her out when she's shopping

Mum says she is so good-looking that married men ask her out when she's shopping

Apparently, men are ready to start over after spotting her shopping for toys

A self-described 'MILF' has claimed she regularly gets hit on while shopping - even by married men.

Bonnie Slayed, from Glasgow, Scotland, said fellas try to make moves on her when she's out buying toys for her two kids, with one shop in particular proving to be a popular spot to make an advance.

"I've been approached by dads on numerous occasions when out toy shopping and it always happens in Smyths," she told The Sun.

The mum-of-two said she is often interrupted while shopping.

"Dads come up to me and say 'please tell me you're a single mum so I can give you my number.'

"And I have people airdropping their number and saying 'don't tell my wife'.

"They like approaching me when I'm putting the toys in the boot of my car."

Jeez, just trying to load up some Super Soakers in the Skoda and a bunch of blokes come chatting you up. Last thing you need.

The OnlyFans content creator is in an open relationship with her partner Tommy, but by and large she finds the advances amusing more than anything.

"On one occasion I did accept the guy's number and text him for a bit because he was actually quite hot," Bonnie said.

"It happens quite regularly and I think it's funny.

"The audacity of these men to do it whilst they're with their wives and girlfriends."

Some of these fellas take it further than others.

"I've had guys strike up conversations under the guise of asking advice for toys for girls," she said. "But it's quite clear they're just trying to chat me up.

She said the advances happen quite regularly.

"Even when I say I have a husband they say they don't care.

"I've even had one dad offer to pay for my trolley of toys to impress me so I'd give him my number or let him take me out on a date.

"That's the struggle of being a MILF."

Of course, it's usually best not to describe yourself as a MILF - just as men probably shouldn't refer to themselves as the 'hot dad on the school run'.

TikToker @warfordd recently learnt this lesson the hard way after he was absolutely rinsed for describing himself in such a way.

Commenting on his TikTok video, one person joked: "When you find him will you let us know?"

While another said: "You just know one girl looked at him and he came home and made this."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bonnieslayed

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