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Woman praised for listing the things she won't compromise on now she's over 30

Woman praised for listing the things she won't compromise on now she's over 30

She knows what she wants and she's not compromising

It's no secret that compromise is the key to any happy, healthy relationship, but this has to be done within reason.

Often boundaries and learning to assert them is a lesson that people learn over time, and now one woman has revealed her non negotiables in her relationships over 30.

Taking to TikTok, Claire, who posts under the handle @claireinnyc, explained that now she's in her 30s - adding that she's actually closer to 40 - she knows exactly what she likes in life.

Claire began by explaining that when it comes to travelling, she likes to go in style, and said that she'd simply prefer to not go if she can't go business class and stay in nice hotels.

"If you're travelling with me and you can't afford travelling the way I want to travel," she said, "We either travel separately or I will pay for you. It's that simple."

Her second non-negotiable was about food, and she also has expensive taste int this department.

"I don't typically like big chain restaurants," she admitted. "I wanna eat where I wanna eat."

Claire said that this is a non-negotiable with her friend group and once again admitted that if the people she is with can't afford it, she will pay on their behalf.

Claire has opened up about the things she will not compromise on now she's over 30.

She went on to reveal that her third non-negotiable is being forced into holiday celebrations, especially as a childless woman, and said she wants to 'hang out with my dog and other half' and 'doesn't need to do anything else.'

The fifth thing that she said she won't compromise on is leaving nights out early.

"My next day is more valuable to me than spending a minute longer out partying or drinking alcohol I don't really care that much for."

"I don't need to explain anyone why I don't have children," she said of her next non-negotiable. "Don't even ask me. I'm done talking about it.

"If you ask me, I'm going to make you feel very uncomfortable."

She then moved onto workplace relationships, and Claire said that she's no longer going to alter her personality for the sake of other people.

"I dress how I want, I do what I want," she said, then specifically referring to men, added: "I'm not going to make myself a tiny little being just so you can all feel more manly."

"I dress how I want, I do what I want."

Claire's video went on to receive a lot of praise from TikTok users, who applauded her honesty and self knowledge.

One wrote: "Legend. Life is too short for bs [sic]."

"I've found my corner of the internet!" praised a second. "Right there with you."

"How do I apply to be one of these friends?" questioned a third, presumably in reference to Claire's willingness to pay for her friends, while a fourth added: "I like how straight forward you are. I feel like us, younger people (mid 20s) need to start doing this, could save us so much time [sic]."

What do you think of Claire's boundaries?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@claireinnyc

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