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Mother 'Banned From Going To Son's School' Due To Outfit

Mother 'Banned From Going To Son's School' Due To Outfit

A mum has criticised her son's school after she was banned from a meeting because teachers believed her outfit was inappropriate.

A mum alleges she was banned from attending a meeting at her son’s school due to her outfit. 

Isabel Castro, 34, was claims she was refused into the meeting because staff members at the school felt her cleavage was inappropriate, El Tiempo reports.

The mum, from Soledad, Colombia, wore a white top with a low neckline and paired it with ripped jeans.

The meeting was about the school’s coronavirus measures and Isabel headed to the school with her husband Cristian Caviedes.

Isabel said she doesn't feel the need to 'cover up' because she has three children (
Isabel Castro/Instagram)

Isabel has called the reaction from staff at the school “extreme.”

She told El Tiempo: "I left home and looking at myself in the mirror thought I was well-dressed.

"I was wearing jeans and a blouse which is quite low-cut but far from vulgar."

She claims one staff member said: “You can't come like that. When you come to the school, you can't come dressed like that. Read the rule book."

Isabel claimed she felt discriminated against because of her outfit and feels she shouldn't have to "cover up" because she has three children.

Isabel says the school took issue with her outfit (

"It was an extreme reaction," she said.

"I feel discriminated against because nobody has the right to point at, judge or criticise another person."

Isabel’s husband Cristian indicated that the coupe managed to enter with the authorisation of the campus coordinator.

The meeting was to discuss the school's coronavirus measures (

"I felt well-dressed, the fact I have three kids doesn't mean I have to walk around covered up, nor consider myself ugly and dour without expressing my happiness.

"I've always felt pretty."

Her husband Cristian added: "Think about all the women suffering this sort of harassment at the moment, for example in Afghanistan.

"And then you wonder how this school official wants people to dress."

Isabel’s husband Cristian indicated that the couple eventually managed to enter with the authorisation of the campus coordinator. 

Featured Image Credit: Isabel Castro/Instagram

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