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Who Is Bobby Dassey And Why Is He A Suspect In Making A Murderer?

Who Is Bobby Dassey And Why Is He A Suspect In Making A Murderer?

Kathleen Zellner's recent revelations place Bobby Dassey at the scene of the crime

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

In recent weeks, Making a Murderer followers have turned their attention to Bobby Dassey, Steven Avery's nephew and Brendan Dassey's brother. So you've probably been left wondering who he is and why he's a suspect in the Teresa Halbach murder?

Don't worry, here at Tyla we've got you covered with all of the latest Steven Avery and Making a Murderer updates.

Here's what's happened in a nutshell.

Bobby Dassey was a person of interest at the end of season 2, when Zellner discovered there had been hundreds of videos of pornography and violence towards women on a computer hard drive used by him.

Also at the end of season 2, Zellner experimented with some of the evidence which led to a weapons expert testifying to say the gun found on Avery's property couldn't conclusively be connected to Teresa Halbach's murder.

Then in April 2021, Kathleen Zellner dropped some bombshell revelations on Twitter. A new witness came forward and alleging he saw Bobby with an unidentified 50-year-old man pushing a Toyota RAV-4 (the same model Halbach was driving) onto Steven Avery's property.

It stars powerhouse attorney Kathleen Zellner, who featured in the second series of 'Making A Murderer'. (

Following this Brendan and Bobby's half-brother, Brad Dassey, has also come forward and claimed that his uncle Avery is innocent. He said his step-mother, Barb Tadych, wiped the family laptop of pornography before it was seized by authorities.

Who is Bobby Dassey?

Bobby Dassey is Brendan Dassey's older brother and Steven Avery's nephew. Barb Tadych is their mother and Avery's sister.

Bobby was one of the key witnesses used by the prosecution in his uncle's court case, when actually, he himself is now a suspect. During Avery's trial, Bobby said he'd seen Teresa Halbach taking photos of Avery's property before she disappeared.

Bobby and Brendan have a half-brother, Brad, who recently spoke out about Barb's alleged tampering with evidence.

Brad said he remembers his step-mum asking him in the car one day about deleting files off a computer. Barb asked Brad if they're gone forever once you delete them, to which Brad said "no" with the right expertise, deleted files can be recovered from a computer.

Making a Murderer season 2 ending '
Netflix/Making a Murderer

This places Barb in the picture as well as Bobby. We don't know for sure how true this is, but the fact that Barb filed a harassment suit against her step-son after he spoke out says something. Could she be trying to keep him quiet?

Has Bobby Dassey got a wife?

Bobby Dassey has been married to Brenda Sheck since 2012. Brenda is a registered nurse and studied at the University of Wisconsin. Bobby never went to college and worked at an auto-parts company after high-school.

Brenda and Bobby have one son, who was born in December 2013. According to Bustle, "Bobby hasn't publicly commented on the Netflix series or his brother's conviction, and seems invested in continuing living his quiet life with his wife and child."

What was on Bobby Dassey's computer?

The computer in question housed hundreds of videos of pornography and violence towards women. In season 2, it was revealed that this was known about at the time of the trial, but it was concealed from the defence and therefore, it couldn't be used. With all this coming to light, it looks like there will be a Making a Murderer season 3 after all.

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