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Viewers Accuse HBO Max's The Prince Of 'Bullying' Prince George And Princess Charlotte

Viewers Accuse HBO Max's The Prince Of 'Bullying' Prince George And Princess Charlotte

Biting satire, or just plain cruel?

HBO Max has an impressive roster of programming, despite only having launched earlier this year.

The streaming service was the home of the Friends reunion, and will also be hosting the upcoming Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That.

However, one of its newest shows has got everyone talking for all the wrong reasons.

The Prince, a 13 episode animated series, has launched and it follows the life of Prince George (yes, that Prince George, the eight year old son of Prince William and Kate Middleton) in Buckingham Palace. He is presented as a demanding and bossy brat full of sass and one-liners.

You can watch a clip here.

Think Stewie from Family Guy only older and more royal.

George is not the only member of the Cambridge family that gets parodied – Prince Charlotte (voiced by Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner) is the sassy and sneaky little sister, and Prince Louis is a tea-slinging thug.

Prince Louis is also mocked as a thug (
HBO Max)

Other members of the Windsor family get a right royal rollocking – Queen Elizabeth II is portrayed as a gun-toting mafia leader, Prince William needs help going to the bathroom, and Harry and Meghan (Harry voiced by none other than Orlando Bloom) are living a not-so-glamorous life out in LA.

But while the royals are no strangers to satire and parody, many believe that portraying the children of the royal family in such a cutting way is cruel – and could even border on bullying.

Showbiz journalist Colette Fahy shared a clip of the show on social media, before writing on Twitter: “Whatever your thoughts on the Royal Family, I think everyone can agree that children should be off limits. This is so gross and I cannot understand how it ever got made.”

The show has been criticised on social media (

Another viewer wrote: “With #ThePrince debuting today, we'd like to remind you these are innocent children who don't deserve to be caricatured and mocked. They as every other child deserves privacy. These are lives: not ‘tea’.”

“What sort of production company uses its position to bully a 7-year old child?” a third asked, while a fourth asked HBO: “Why are you bankrolling the bullying of minor children?!

Others felt it was unfair to depict the children in this way (

“He’s a little boy and you’re making fun of him,” a fifth said.

Hmmm, well we can safely assume the royals won’t be tuning into this series any time soon.

The Prince is available to watch on HBO Max in the US. A UK premiere date is TBC.

Featured Image Credit: HBO Max

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