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Love Island Fans Aren't Convinced By Gemma's Response To Luca's Big Reveal

Love Island Fans Aren't Convinced By Gemma's Response To Luca's Big Reveal

Luca dropped the L-bomb on last night's episode, but fans aren't convinced that Gemma's response was genuine...

Luca Bish and Gemma Owen have been going steady since the start of this year's Love Island and last night, Luca revealed his true feelings.

The fishmonger, 23, told the international dressage rider, 19, who is also the daughter of Michael Owen, that he was in love with her. Watch below:

To his absolute delight, Gemma said that she loved her fellow islander back, but it turns out that fans of the show weren't convinced.

He told her on the terrace where they first spoke: "You know I've fallen for you and I've brought you to where we've had out first chat.

"It's gone a bit better since then but I've never been so sure in saying something because I've not seen a future with someone like I have with you and..."

"You're so cute," Gemma said.

"I think I'm in love with you," Luca said. "No, I am in love with you."

"The thing is you..." she went on to say before giggling.

"What?" Luca asked. "I do love you and that's it."

"I love you too," Gemma eventually replied, before hugging him.

Reacting to the declaration, one fan wrote: "Least amount of passion I have seen in a declaration of love, ever. Gemma's reaction was like Luca told her he likes Weetabix".

A second added: "Luca said I love you and Gemma said I hear dat #loveisland."

"LOOOOL wait, Luca said 'I love you' and Gemma said 'that's mad to hear that'," said a third.

"Personally I think Gemma is icking on Luca," wrote a fourth viewer. "During the recoupling and then when she was told he loves her. Neither of those reactions were the reactions of someone in love."

"I really don't think Gem is in love with Luca, but it's so cute how in love he is," added a fifth.

Luca and Gemma on the terrace.
Love Island / ITV

Gemma and Luca weren't the only couple to take their relationship to the next level in last night's episode - Tasha and Andrew also decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

New bombshell Adam went on to couple up with Paige after her original partner Jacques left.

But while things seem to be going smoothly for a lot of the fan favourites at the moment, this could all change when the respective villa's antics during Casa Amor will be revealed at movie night!

What did you think of Gemma's response to Luca's big reveal? Was it genuine or just awkward?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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