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Love Island Fans Spotted Luca 'Take Off His Underwear' In Last Night's Episode

Love Island Fans Spotted Luca 'Take Off His Underwear' In Last Night's Episode

Viewers took to social media to confirm their eyes did not deceive them.

Love Island fans were left in shock when Luca Bish was filmed getting extra comfortable in the bedroom once the lights were switched off.

During Wednesday's (13 July) episode, viewers saw Luca and Gemma Owen finally go on a date, however, another cheeky scene also caught their attention.

When the 23-year-old fishmonger was preparing to snuggle up next to the 19-year-old international dressage rider, he swiftly removed his boxers - and fans online were both excited and confused.

Luca removed his boxers.

One confused fan tweeted: "Did Luca take off his underwear?"

While a second viewer wrote: "Did Luca just take off what i think he took off? Michael owens is nooot [sic] happy LOOOL".

A third shared: "Did Luca just remove his underwear or do my eyes deceive me".

Not everyone was excited by Luca's discarded underwear, with one Love Island fan tweeting: "DID LUCA TAKE HIS PANTS OFF? put them back on".

While another shocked Twitter user wrote: "Soooo we all saw how Luca took his boxers offff".

This is not the first time Love Island fans have been left agasp by a late night Gemma and Luca scene in the bedroom.

Last month the pair were filmed after the islanders were getting into bed, Luca was filmed sucking Gemma's toe and viewers were disgusted.

One person took to Twitter to write: "Luca sucking Gemma’s toes.. its a no from me."


Luca can be seen sucking Gemma's toe.

Days later, when the couple were chosen by their fellow islanders to head into the Hideaway, viewers were once again left feeling slightly uncomfortable after Gemma's shocking bedroom confession.

The following morning, Gemma shared all the details with the girls as is custom in the villa. While the pair did not do anything explicit under the covers, she admitted that Luca wakes up in the night to whisper compliments in her ear while she's asleep.

While the girls thought Luca's whispered compliments sound absolutely adorable, people on social media had different thoughts.

"When Gemma said Luca wakes up in the middle of the night whispering 'you're amazing' to her, do that to me I’ll send you to another dimension through the sheer fear of hot breath in my ear.. ICKY," one woman said.

The couple had a fantastic time in the Hideaway overall and Gemma reflected on their relationship so far before getting dressed up for the villa's most intimate room. 

“Finally! I feel like it has been a long time coming. So nice it’s just gonna be us two. I’m just buzzing," she said in the Beach Hut.

Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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