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Love Island: Dramatic First Look Sees Tasha Romance Andrew But Fans Aren't Happy

Love Island: Dramatic First Look Sees Tasha Romance Andrew But Fans Aren't Happy

Tasha is set to ask Andrew to be her boyfriend in tonight's Love Island episode.

Love Island fans have seen Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page's relationship unfold but they have mixed emotions after watching the first look teaser for tonight's episode. Watch below.

It looks like in tonight's episode (14 July), Tasha will take her rocky coupling with Andrew to the next level after deciding to continue focusing on building their relationship.

Following Casa Amor, Tasha decided to recouple with Billy Brown and Andrew Le Page infamously recoupled with Coco Lodge.

Although Tasha and Andrew have hit a few bumps, viewers will see Tasha plan a special surprise for the Dubai-based real estate agent.

The 23-year-old professional dancer enlisted the help of her fellow Islanders to let them know she has a big question to ask Andrew.

"I've been planning on making Andrew my boyfriend," she confesses. "I've made up a whole speech".

Tasha has created a plan to ask Andrew an important question.

Tasha awaits nervously behind the kitchen counter as she watches Andrew search for the romantic notes she has left around the villa for the 23-year-old to find.

The other Islanders watch from the terrace as Tasha kicks her plan into action. Although viewers will have to wait until tonight to see how Andrew responds to Tasha's important queston, the humongous smile on his face in the first look suggests he's all for it.

Tasha has written notes for Andrew.

However, Love Island fans aren't convinced, with some viewers still reeling after he confessed to 'licking' Coco's breasts while Tasha and the other girls were away in Casa Amor.

One fan created a cheeky composite image of what they think Tasha wrote on one of the romantic notes she left for Andrew. "Tasha’s so romantic," they tweeted.

Another viewer asked: "Thought Tasha said she didn’t know if she was missing out on something with Billy the other night and now she is making Andrew her boyfriend".

Similarly, one Twitter user shared: "This is the same Tasha that was crying about missing out on Billy two nights ago?"

However not everyone was in agreement. "Unpopular opinion. But I hope this works for Tasha and Andrew. We need some love in the villa, because there is not much of it," one fan confessed after the release of the teaser.

Agreeing with this comment, another fan said Andrew and Tasha's journey so far mimics the way relationships develop in the real world. "Just like outside the villa finding love is hard. Not many relationships are easy in the early stages. understanding, forgiveness, opening up to past and personal issues - all part of finding each other. This is the ultimate love story unfolding."

Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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