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Love Island Fans Baffled By Mollie's Recoupling Comment

Love Island Fans Baffled By Mollie's Recoupling Comment

Mollie opened up about her time in the villa, but it left fans confused...

This year's season of Love Island has seen an explosive reunion of the main villa and Casa Amor where most of the islanders' secrets have been exposed.

This includes Jacques' willingness to get to know Cheyanne despite his relationship with Paige seemingly progressing well and his ultimate decision to stick with her.

But fans were also left wondering if his flirtation with Mollie was also going to come to light when she said that she got close to one of the original boys. Watch here:

Instead of saying that it was Jacques who she grew close to, she said that it was Davide, who she also got to know in the villa.

One fan wrote: "You know what's mad? I thought Mollie was talking about Jacques too LOL."

Mollie and Jacques.
ITV2 / Love Island

A second agreed, writing: "Yeah she was just trying to get air time but she should have thrown jacques in the bin too [sic]."

"She should have let them both have it !!! [sic]" wrote a third.

"No cos when she said Davide my jaw actually dropped like huh??? Swear down she was getting cosy with Jacques for a majority of casa? It was just when Jacques dumped her for the other blonde like what ??? [sic]" a fourth added.

"SHE SHOULD HAVE SUNG ON HIM!!!" wrote a fifth. "F**k wasting time on Davide."

One viewer thought that Mollie should have said Jacques and left Davide out completely as it would have added even more drama to tonight's explosive episode.

She wrote: "Nah Mollie ruined it she should've said Jacques instead of Davide to give us more fire [sic]."

A second user agreed that their liaison should have been mentioned.

"Petition for Paige to find out about what Jacques did with Mollie too," wrote a third.

Jacques, who is also fellow contestant Gemma's ex-boyfriend, said before entering the show that he is single because he was concentrating on his rugby career.

He explained: "I think it needs to be the right person, at the right time."

The rugby player added that he thinks he's a good catch for girls in the Love Island villa because: "I'm loyal, I'm respectful and I’ve got good manners. I'll look after someone close to me to the full extent I can."

He added that he falls in love 'quick', explaining: "I literally know if they're going to be my girlfriend within a week. I fall pretty quick."

Love Island continues tomorrow on ITV2 at 9 pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Love Island

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