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Love Island Fans Are Convinced Adam Is Responsible For Jacques Quitting Show

Love Island Fans Are Convinced Adam Is Responsible For Jacques Quitting Show

Jacques has quit the Love Island villa and fans think it's because of new arrival Adam Collard...

Tensions have reached boiling point in the Love Island villa and it's just been announced that 23-year-old rugby player Jacques O'Neill has quit!

This comes just after he reconciled with his partner, Paige, but also in the wake of the arrival of new bombshell Adam Collard, who immediately expressed an interest in her. Watch Cheyanne call out Jacques for his behaviour in Casa Amor:

Now, ahead of tonight's episode, which is set to reveal all, fans have been speculating about why Jacques has quit, and they think it's because of Adam.

One fan wrote: "I am now an Adam fan. He truly gave us what we all wanted (jaques to leave). A man of the people, an icon [sic]."

"Jaques [sic] took one look at Adam and dipped," speculated a second.

"Adam has been in there 5 mins and now Jaques is out… can't wait to see the drama unfold [sic]," added a third.

A fourth revelled: "Adam your work here is done, Jaques has left [sic]."

"I reckon Jaques lost his head and was actually forced out [sic]," wrote a fifth fan. "But I'm hoping Paige left him for Adam and he vomited so much he left for medical attention."

Jacques' departure has, naturally, also prompted fans to speculate about what Paige's next move in the villa will be.

One wrote: "And now paige is gonna couple up with Adam who's worse than jaques. Amazing [sic]."

Jacques' family recently explained that he has a hard time regulating his emotions because he has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and asked fans of the show to 'be kind' when commenting on his behaviour.

Some of the criticism levelled at the islander has included his treatment of Paige, who he was accused of lovebombing.

Jacques previously dated Gemma Owen.
ITV / Love Island

Jacques' family said that people with ADHD 'may behave in ways that come off as rude or disrespectful'.

They wrote: "Jacques was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9 years old.

"By no means is this a get-out clause for his actions but it is to show that he can fundamentally struggle with his emotions at times."

His family continued: "He is an amazing person who I'm proud to call my friend/little brother. All the hate thrown towards Jacques doesn't go to him directly… It comes to his loved ones who have always supported him and not just whilst he is on Love Island."

"Love Island, although real, is still a show where the producers do have control and we see 45 minutes out of the 1,440 in 24hours [sic]."

Do you think Jacques quit because of Adam? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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