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Are Dan And Matt From Married At First Sight UK Still Together?

Are Dan And Matt From Married At First Sight UK Still Together?

We've been scouring Matt and Dan's Instagram accounts for clues about their relationship status.

Things are really getting serious now that the MAFS UK couples have been to visit each others’ homes. One couple of particular interest to fans is Matt and Dan, who planned on having a long-distance relationship at the end of the show.

Ultimately, life on the outside of the experiment proves too much for a lot of the couples who don’t live on each others’ doorsteps and sadly end up drifting apart. As a result, not many MAFS UK couples are still together. But have Dan and Matt managed to make it work?

Who is MAFS UK’s Matt Jameson and where is he from?

Matt Jameson MAFS UK. (

Matt Jameson is a charity worker who hails from Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

He was 39-years-old at the time of entering the experiment, 12 years older than his hubby-to-be.

But despite the age difference, the two were both at the same point in their lives and shared the common goal of settling down and having children. 

Matt spoke on the show about former partners not being honest about wanting children and not giving as much as Matt was to the relationship.

Who is Daniel McKee and where is he from?

Daniel McKee MAFS UK. (

Daniel McKee is a sales worker from Northern Ireland who loves cold water swimming, hiking and meditating. 

At the time of tying the knot with Matt, he was 27-years-old. But despite his age, he was ready to settle down and have children. 

Like Matt, Dan felt he gave a lot of himself to former partners who weren’t returning the love. 

Are Matt and Dan from MAFS UK still together?

Matt and Dan gave fans a scare early on in the series, when they didn’t turn up for the first dinner party. But thankfully, they were just stranded abroad on their honeymoon and have since said the ‘L word’ to each other on the show. 

It’s not clear whether the pair are still going strong as their social media accounts aren't giving much away.

But, ahead of the final dinner party, Matt posted a cute selfie of the couple on the show and captioned it: "Ready as we'll ever be for tonight's shenanigans... damn my hubby is good looking" - read into that what you will.

During commitment ceremonies, the key concern for the experts was Matt and Dan doing the long-distance thing after the show. Relationship expert John Aiken advised them to set a deadline for the long-distance relationship, so they had a goal for moving in together and hopefully avoided letting things fizzle out. 

Whether they took that advice and they’re still happily married, only time will tell. 

Matt and Dan MAFS UK: Where are they now?

Dan has been posting a few photos of him travelling around the UK and enjoying the countryside lately, but he’s also posted plenty of dog selfies from Northern Ireland - so that still leaves us confused about his whereabouts. 

Matt hasn’t posted many updates on his Instagram page. Like Dan, he has posted a few photos of him out enjoying the countryside in Yorkshire. He has also been posting more selfies of late - could that be him taking the advice of his hubby?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@danielmckeee

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