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You Can Stay In 'The World's First Sleepless Hotel' This Halloween

You Can Stay In 'The World's First Sleepless Hotel' This Halloween

If you love everything spooky this is perfect for you.

This Halloween Kraken's new Dread & Breakfast has opened its doors and is promising guests the most uncomfortable, terrible and disturbing night's sleep.

Running from Thursday 28th October to Saturday 30th October, guests staying at Kraken's horror-drenched Dread & Breakfast will be deliberately kept awake and subjected to a terrifying slumber.

There will be unexpected phone calls, banging on the walls, blood-curdling screams and even uninvited visitors entering their rooms in the early hours. While it does sound like a regular night sleeping next door to noisy neighbours, Kraken says it's the first hotel where things going bump in the night is part of the deal.

Are you brave enough to sleep in the Dread & Breakfast hotel? (
The Dread and Breakfast)

A team of actors, light and sound technicians, special effects whizzes and theatre pros will pull out all the stops to make sure guests have the most restless night ever.

The hotel is located in an old, abandoned and exceptionally creepy building in London. The story goes that it is infested with malevolent souls of mariners that survived an ocean encounter with the Kraken itself.

These unfortunate sailors were asked after living to tell the tale of a meeting with the elusive Beast, and staring into its darkest of souls. Each of them became evil once they reached dry land.

The hotel will open its doors this Halloween (
The Dread and Breakfast)

They were all eventually captured and forced to live in the building. Today, the fearless Kraken Hunter, whose sole mission is to track down the Beast, has heard tale of this location and its damned residents. They believe communion with them will help them track down the Beast on the high seas, but that in itself may be a horror unlike any other.

Each evening 140 people will be invited to visit the hotel. Guests will only find out if they’re selected to stay overnight on the day and visitors are advised to bring an overnight bag, just in case.

While only a select few will be chosen to spend a night at the immersive ‘D&B’, people are more than welcome to visit the hotel’s bar, enjoy live music, themed Kraken cocktails and be taken on guided tours and quests through the dilapidated hotel.

Guests will have to endure blood-curdling screams and banging on the walls (
The Dread and Breakfast)

The Dread and Breakfast hotel is located at 10 Lancaster Gate and will be open for for three sleepless nights from Thursday 28th October to Saturday 30th October 2021.

All those bidding for an overnight stay can enter from 7pm until 11pm.

Each ticket to visit the hotel will cost £10 and includes one free Kraken cocktail.

Chosen residents will go to their rooms at 11pm and will check-out with their bags at 9am the following morning. You can bid here.

Featured Image Credit: The Dread and Breakfast

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