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Lotus Biscoff Launches Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream In UK

Lotus Biscoff Launches Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream In UK

This sounds like a dreamy spring-time treat.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Lotus Biscoff has launched a blueberry cheesecake flavoured ice cream, and it sounds like an actual dream.

The tasty new addition to the company's ice cream range comes in a tub, and contains notes from the caramelised speculoos biscuit and the sharp, creamy flavour of cheesecake throughout.

Lotus Biscoff
Lotus Biscoff

The blueberry ice cream is set to launch exclusively in Iceland, and will cost £3.79 for a 460ml tub.

It's already available in the US, but hasn't ever been for sale in the UK before. You'll be able to nab it from April 12th - the perfect fruity Spring dessert!

The ice cream will have blueberry cheesecake flavour notes with a Biscoff twist (

And that's not all, also on sale will be Biscoff's Original ice cream in a tub, which is just 460ml of Biscoff-y goodness, made with real cream and infused with nothing but the flavour of the caramel biscuits. Grab this for £3.79 in Iceland, from the same date.

The ice cream tubs accompany the Lotus Biscoff ice cream sticks that are already available to buy in the UK and Ireland, and have been since 2019.

Lotus' ice cream sticks are a triple whammy of the caramel creation, with the outer chocolate shell packed with crunchy pieces of the biscuit.

Inside is real Biscoff spread as well as creamy ice cream to get your chops around. Anyone else's mouth watering right now?

You can also get Biscoff ice cream sticks in the UK (

You'll also be able to bag 3 of these at Iceland for £3.89, or you can pick the new addition of six mini versions for the same price.

Plus, these will join the newest addition from Biscoff - a Vienetta-inspired ice cream cake.

Combining swirls of velvety Lotus Biscoff ice cream, this sweet treat is interlaced with irresistibly tasty Lotus Biscoff original caramelised spread and crispy chocolate layers.

Biscoff ice cream cake is also soon to be on sale (

The dessert masterpiece is topped off with crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces to give customers an extra Biscoff taste explosion.

Like the Biscoff blueberry tubs, the Biscoff ice cream cake launches in Iceland and will also be in Food Warehouse stores. You can buy that later this month. Read more here.

Featured Image Credit: Lotus Biscoff