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People Are Divided Over ‘Wasteful’ Bacon Grease Hack

People Are Divided Over ‘Wasteful’ Bacon Grease Hack

What do you think?

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

People are divided over a hack on TikTok, that allows you to dispose of oil from your frying pan without pouring it down the drain.

Pouring leftover cooking oils down the sink can cause you problems in the long run, when the liquid oil cools and solidifies further down in the pipes and drains.

Over time, this solidified fat can build up and lead to a pretty tough blockage.

But now, one TikToker, @hollydormer, has come up with a solution - but some are divided over whether the hack is 'wasteful'.

You can watch the video below:

What do you think?

Some loved the idea, with one person writing: "I swear TikTok was all I needed growing up bc this is way too clever."

While another said: "Nah this is brilliant."

Holly showed off her grease hack on TikTok (

But others were less than impressed, with many calling it wasteful and suggested the fat be stored in a jar and reused instead.

One wrote: "You can reuse that oil why did you waste it?"

While another commented: "Omg this is painfully wasteful why are you using so much aluminum? Also throw the oil in the garbage and recycle that aluminum foil."

And a third said: "Did she just throw out perfectly good bacon grease?"

While a fourth wrote: "Why would you waste not only the grease but the foil as well??"

Some called the trick wasteful (

Meanwhile others even suggested making a candle out of the fat, with one adding: "You just missed the chance to make a bacon candle. That's the life hack."

And another added: "You could be making some BACON CANDLES."

Responding to the comments, Holly added: "We don't always have a jar on hand but when we do, we use that and cook with it later! Aluminum is always nearby so this is just a quick fix!"

Featured Image Credit: @hollydormer/TikTok

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