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You Can Now Buy Biscoff Ice Creams In The UK

You Can Now Buy Biscoff Ice Creams In The UK

The ice creams, available in selected Waitrose stores, have three hits of Lotus Biscoff in each bite.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Last year, we brought you the delicious news that Biscoff ice creams existed, although they were not yet available in the UK.

But now the biscuity, caramel frozen goodies have finally landed in supermarkets across the country, much to the delight of fans of the tasty treat.

They are now available in selected Waitrose stores for £3.89 per pack of three.


The ice creams work out at £1.30 per pop, making them a super affordable treat.

Lotus' ice cream sticks are a triple whammy of the caramel creation, with the outer chocolate shell packed with crunchy pieces of the biscuit.

Inside is real Biscoff spread as well as creamy ice cream to get your chops around. Anyone else's mouth watering right now?

The Biscoff ice cream collection also includes tubs of the stuff to dig your spoon into, although these are still only available overseas for now.

In other ice cream news, Cadburys has just launched a brand new Double Decker ice cream, which is also in UK supermarkets.


The indulgent ice cream is composed of one side of nougat ice cream with crispy pieces, while the other is purely chocolate with chunks of Cadbury, paying homage to the chocolate bar that is often overlooked in the confectionery aisle of your local corner shop.

Even better, it has a complete nougat core running through the centre of the tub.

Tubs of the new ice cream followed on from the popularity of the individual Double Decker ice cream sticks launched beforehand.

And over at Co-op, you can try out the new Creme Egg ice creams just in time for Easter. Pass us a spoon, we're going in.

Featured Image Credit: Lotus Bakeries

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