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Biscoff Launches Vienetta-Inspired Ice Cream Cake

Biscoff Launches Vienetta-Inspired Ice Cream Cake

This sounds heavenly.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

There can never be too much Biscoff and now - with the warmer spring weather just around the corner - Lotus Biscoff have announced the launch of a Biscoff ice cream cake.

We need to try this ASAP.

Get ready to have a delicious slice of heaven when the Biscoff ice cream cake launches later this month at Iceland and Food Warehouse stores.

The Biscoff ice cream cake is the perfect dessert for fans of the caramel flavoured biscuits (
Lotus Biscoff)

Combining swirls of velvety Lotus Biscoff ice cream, this sweet treat is interlaced with irresistibly tasty Lotus Biscoff original caramelised spread and crispy chocolate layers.

And that's not all - the dessert masterpiece is topped off with crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces to give customers an extra Biscoff taste explosion.

Sign us up!

The new premium ice cream cake delivers the iconic taste and crunch of Lotus Biscoff in a refreshingly frozen dessert form.

Lotus Biscoff biscuits are great in every form (

Perfect for sharing with friends, family - or even hidden away at the back of the freezer to save all for yourself - this hybrid Biscoff treat serves six but we won't judge if you want to treat yourself.

Lotus Bakeries was founded in Belgium in 1932 and their iconic biscuit has become the biscuit to be served with coffee in restaurants and cafes throughout Europe.

As the popularity of Lotus Biscoff continued to grow, further products have been launched in the UK, including the first biscuit spread and the beloved ice cream.

Biscoff ice cream is available now (
Lotus Biscoff)

While we wait for the ice cream cake to launch, why not try the Biscoff sandwich cookies if you haven't already?

The cookies comprise of two tasty Biscoff cookies sandwiched with a variation of fillings between them.

There are three versions of the filled sandwich cookie: one stuffed with Biscoff spread, one with creamy vanilla and another with tasty milk chocolate.

Due to its versatility and unique flavour, Lotus Biscoff has been recognised by home bakers and chefs alike, with many using the biscuits and the spin-off products in their own recipes.

Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Cake can be found exclusively in Iceland and Food Warehouse stores and online from 24th March and will cost £3.00.

Featured Image Credit: Lotus Biscoff

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