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Is It Cake Viewers Spot 'Controversial' Detail With Hemu's Elephant Cake

Is It Cake Viewers Spot 'Controversial' Detail With Hemu's Elephant Cake

Oh dear...

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Warning. This article contains spoilers...

Is It Cake? viewers all have the same complaint about Hemu's elephant cake after watching the semi-final episode.

Netflix's new baking show with a twist has become a surprise hit and as viewers binge the eight-episode competition series, some cake fanatics have some very specific critiques for contestant Hemu.

In the penultimate episode, the semi-finalists Hemu, Sam and Dessiree were tasked with making cakes inspired by toys.

Watch the big reveal below:

After the first challenge, which Hemu won, she got the chance to choose which toy she wanted to replicate. The baker chose an elephant and set into motion her plans for a dark chocolate cake, with raspberry ganache, raspberry swiss meringue buttercream and chopped milk chocolate.

Because of the shape and size of the toy, Hemu made a structured cake with a frame to support the its weight. Most of the body was built using wires to make the legs and cardboard to form the body and aluminium foil to construct the trunk.

Hemu's cake has caused a stir online. (

Hemu then used modelling chocolate to make the details of the elephant.

"It's a very small cake and I need to make sure those tiny bites they will get everything they need in the tiny bites," she explains.

When the judges were asked to correctly identify Hemu's cake in the line-up of replica toy elephant decoys, they failed which resulted in the chef advancing to the next round.

As a type of victory lap, she then cut a small slice of her cake from the body of the elephant to reveal which one was secretly food.


But some viewers are not happy with the size of Hemu's cake in comparison to her competitors, with some fans questioning why she wasn't disqualified.

"Hemu's cake was 75% inedible. She should have been disqualified. Sam should be in the finale. #isitcake," one viewer demanded on Twitter.

Sam had to make a cake inspired by a chess board. Due to its shape and size, it was closer to a traditional cake compared to Hemu's.


Another fan shared: "Hemu building an elephant with ONE SINGLE slice of cake on the whole thing while the rest is foil and cardboard is bogus and I'm still mad #isitcake #netflix."

While a third Twitter user argued: "#Netflix Why didn't Hemu get disqualified on #IsItCake for her Elephant Cake? Only a little bit of that Elephant was actually edible/cake, Sam deserved to advance to the finals for her fully edible Chess board cake!!"

According to the show's rules, competitors with creative a cake that looks like a normal object. There are no requirements regarding size but the creations must be as realistic as possible.

Is It Cake? is available on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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