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​Virgin Trains Under Fire For Horrific Price Of Train Ticket To London

​Virgin Trains Under Fire For Horrific Price Of Train Ticket To London

Virgin trains have come under fire on Twitter after a customer paid £338 for an open return ticket from Manchester to London.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

Virgin Trains has come under fire this week after Sky presenter Martha Kelner tweeted that she had just spent £338 on an open return ticket from Manchester to London.

Posting on Twitter, Martha called the rail service a 'national disgrace' and said it would've been cheaper to fly to New York.

In a statement Virgin Trains said: "The vast majority of our customers pay far less than Martha, with fares between London and Manchester starting at £23.

"Martha could have booked and travelled that same day for just £39 by choosing her train and buying an advance fare."

After tweeting Virgin Trains, Martha was inundated with replies to tell her what she could've spent her £338 on.

As if Martha needs to feel any worse about parting with £338, her followers definitely made sure she knew exactly what she had missed out on.

A one-way flight from Manchester to New York on Tuesday 4 December is currently priced at £283 so she would even have a little bit of money spare.

One follower also wrote: "For £338 you could have a flight from Heathrow to Moscow direct and a night in the Sheraton Palace hotel." (The Sheraton is a 5-star hotel in the Russian city.)

Martha also could've treated herself to four bottles of Aldi's six-litre bottle of Prosecco which would have been a lot more enjoyable than the two-hour train journey.

Other followers asked whether Martha got to keep the train and if she was offered unlimited food and drink for that price.

One user wrote: "You get the whole carriage for that right? To take home I mean...??"

Another added: "I paid £184 at the weekend. I didn't get a seat with that, but it's now starting to look like a bargain."

"We were going to Edinburgh for the weekend on @VirginTrains - turns out it was cheaper to fly to Hamburg for the weekend so who won! This country loses out with the outrageous travel prices", added another.

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