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New Blood Test Could Detect 90% Of Endometriosis Cases, Saving Women Years Of Pain

New Blood Test Could Detect 90% Of Endometriosis Cases, Saving Women Years Of Pain

The groundbreaking new test will detect up to nine in ten endometriosis cases, saving millions of women years of pain.

Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel

Millions of women suffering with agonising gynaecological condition endometriosis could be helped by a groundbreaking new blood test developed by UK scientists.


The blood test can detect up to 90% of endometriosis cases by looking for tiny DNA fragments in the blood. The test can give results in a matter of days and could spare women the need to have keyhole surgery to diagnose the condition, currently the only definitive method of doing so.

It currently takes an average of seven and a half years for a woman to get a diagnosis of endometriosis once she first experiences symptoms.


The painful condition affects as many as a million and a half women in the UK.

"Endometriosis not only causes enormous suffering to the affected women, but also brings a tremendous medical and economic burden to bear on society," says Dr Christian Becker, from the Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health at the University Of Oxford.

"There is a long lag phase between the onset and diagnosis of the disease, mainly due to its non-specific symptoms and because it can only be diagnosed invasively by laparoscopy.

"A specific, non-invasive test to aid diagnosis of endometriosis is certainly an unmet clinical need."


The test, which has been developed by MDNA Life Sciences and the University of Oxford, will be available privately in nine months for approximately £250, and on the NHS hopefully not too long after.

MDNA Life Sciences is currently putting together a test kit to allow clinical laboratories in the UK and around the world to carry out the test.

"Our groundbreaking test for endometriosis will fundamentally change the way this debilitating disease is detected and diagnosed," said Harry Smart, MDNA Life Sciences' chairman.

"We look forward to helping UK women get treatment sooner, reducing their pain and distress and providing cost savings to health services."

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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