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Big Brother star Yinrun's votes cancelled, changing results of this week's nominations

Big Brother star Yinrun's votes cancelled, changing results of this week's nominations

Fan-favourite Yinrun has been deemed a rule-breaker

This year's series of Big Brother has had us reaching for the popcorn with every instalment.

Controversial comments, fiery feuds, under-cover kisses and emotional admissions - it really has had it all.

And last night's riveting new episode dealt viewers the plot twist to top all plot twists, after much-loved contestant Yinrun was revealed as an unlikely rule-breaker.

The former fan favourite, 25, ended up being thrown into the Big Brother house jail last night after it was announced that she had broken one particularly strict code of conduct.

Housemates are not permitted to discuss their weekly nominations for who should be the next to be voted out of the infamous property - whether explicitly or in code.

But host of the hit reality TV show - which returned to screens last month after five years off-air - AJ Odudu broke the news to shocked fans that Yinrun has opened up about her plan to nominate Hallie.

Yinrun was jailed for breaking the code of conduct.

Speaking on the popular spin-off Big Brother Late & Live last night (Tuesday 24 October), AJ, 35 explained: "Their rule break has affected who is going to be nominated and her nominations have been revoked and no longer stand!"

She continued of the Harrogate-born customer support agent: "I can't get over that tiny prison for Yinrun! Big Brother is getting tough now! Can you believe it!"

"If you want to find out how all this happened you have to tune in to tomorrow night's episode!"

It was then that guest judge Oti Mabuse gave viewers a behind the scenes glimpse at the fan-favourite star sitting uncomfortably behind bars.

Yinrun had discussed her nomination with her housemates.

The ex-Strictly Come Dancing pro told the audience that Yinrun had been in jail for a total of three hours at that point, but that she was being supported by some of the other housemates.

"She's in the cage but Dylan came and gave her some shoes, she is being supported," Oti revealed. "It's very cold now though but she does have some food stashed in her pockets!"

The unexpected news of Yinrun's rule-breaking comes just after fellow contestants Olivia and Hallie were both 'jailed' last week for writing in code on each other's backs the housemate that they'd nominated for elimination.

The duo took the news worse than Yinrun however, promptly bursting into tears after suffering in the rainy garden as punishment.

Yinrun's fellow housemates paid her a visit.

Many viewers of last night's episode were more shocked to see former goody-two-shoes Yinrun serving time however, with some taking to social media to express their surprise.

"YINRUN IS IN JAIL", @superTV247 tweeted as part of a live blog last night's nail-biting instalment. "Yinrun discussed nominations and her votes have been REVOKED, which HAS changed the result of this weeks nominations! #BBUK".

The same TV spoiler Twitter account later tweeted: "OMG. The app vote resulted in YINRUN’s nominations being shown on #BBL right now - despite the fact that we have since found out that they are void".

They later joked: "Apparently Yinrun’s rule break sounded like 'an evil genius plan' ??"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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