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Big Brother viewers horrified over how 'cruel' the show is this series

Big Brother viewers horrified over how 'cruel' the show is this series

Audiences haven't held back in voicing their shock

Fans all over have tuned in to watch the 'ultimate social experiment' finally return to our screens after five long years.

The long-awaited ITV reboot premiered tonight (8 October) and it wasn't long before the chaos of the show started unfurling including some pretty intense games.

Big Brother viewers have since been left well and truly horrified over just how 'cruel' the reality show's forfeits have been so far in this series.

Following tonight's programming, audiences have been introduced to the house's 16 contestants who are now all battling it out in a hopes of pocketing the staggering £100,000 cash prize.

While many viewers at home were curious as to how the revival would pan out, the first episode has showed one thing - the bunch of housemates will not be having it easy.

The very first housemate to enter was Jenkin, a 25-year-old barman from Bridgend and, within minutes, found out he 'will not receive hot water for the next 24 hours' after being caught first by Matty, 24, a doctor from the Isle of Man, who found him in seconds.

He was also chosen by 25-year-old customer support agent Yinrun to make her breakfast in bed when she won a game of musical statues.

And to make matters worse?

He was chosen as the person with the 'most questionable dress sense' based on first impressions and had his suitcase totally blown up.

The iconic reboot aired tonight (8 October) after five years.

He then unknowingly chose 23-year-old Scottish dancer Olivia to faces the first eviction by public vote after explaining they hadn’t totally 'gelled' yet after being tasked with the dreaded job of selecting a housemate who he thought would be the most difficult to live with.

Many fans have since taken to X, formerly Twitter, to share their reactions.


"No hot water, no suitcase… Jenkin… burn the place down," sympathised a second.

A third chimed in: "There's so much messed up psychology in these games! Small little questions and decisions that lead to resentment and arguments later on down the line.

"Starts off all banter all in good faith and then it's chaos."

"Right Jenkin is already gonna flip out! He has to make someone breakfast, no hot water for 24 hours and now he doesn’t have clothes," quipped a fourth.

People slammed the show's 'cruel' forfeits.

Another revealed: "Sorry but I think it's absolutely hilarious that Jenkin has been in the #bbuk house for three minutes and has already lost his suitcase, has to have cold showers and make breakfast in bed and just accidentally nominated someone for eviction."

A sixth added: "#BBUK they’re already trying to pit all the housemates against each other. Why do producers have to be cruel?"

"Jenkin is catching a beat down tonight," echoed a final Twitter user. "They said he was dressed like the eye and then blew up his suitcase."

With dream duo Will Best and AJ Odudu hosting the revival - we certainly can’t wait for all that's to come.

Big Brother started tonight (8 October) at 9pm on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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