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Big Brother forced to take action after Hallie and Olivia are caught rule-breaking

Big Brother forced to take action after Hallie and Olivia are caught rule-breaking

Viewers were left furious when they thought Hallie and Olivia got away with breaking one of Big Brother's most serious rules...

Don't be fooled, Big Brother sees everything.

Despite fans thinking that they got away with it, the all-seeing eye captured the moment Hallie and Olivia tried to be cheeky and break one of the biggest rules in the house.

Viewers watched as the two housemates sneakily tried to speak in code about nominations by writing secret messages on each other's backs using their fingers.

This was obviously one of the most serious rules in the OG series and the ITV revival is no exception.

Fans rushed to X - formerly known as Twitter - to talk about the rule-break and questioned whether they'd be punished.

"Doesn't look like Big Brother are gonna do anything about Hallie/Olivia speaking in code, which makes the decision to put it in the edit very bizarre," one fan complained.

Hallie and Olivia broke the rules.

"Hoping for a last minute twist in this episode but not looking likely..."

While another viewer slammed the new Big Brother series for apparently not taking the rule-break seriously, writing: "Big Brother is slacking and has gone all soft! Hallie and Olivia should be punished or put up for eviction for their rule break! Talking in code! They were clearly talking about someone!"

While a third shared: "Come on big brother punish Hallie and Olivia for discussing their nominations!!!"

Fear not, Big Brother fans! It didn't take long for ITV to confirm that it had caught wind of the rule-break.

Big Brother caught the moment the two broke the rules.

The show's new co-host AJ Odudu confirmed on the live spin-off show, Big Brother: Late & Live, that the pair will face Big Brother's wrath in tonight's (19 October) show.

"I can confirm that we've only had a blooming rule-break!" she said. "Big Brother caught Hallie and Olivia drawing housemates' names on each other's backs but don't worry, this didn't affect the outcome of this week's nominations."

She added: "You'll have to tune in tomorrow at 9pm to find out how Big Brother will deal with these two... punishment time!"

During the extended episode on Wednesday (18 October) it was revealed that Henry and Zak will face the public vote this week after they received the most nominations.

Just like in the original series, the housemates were summoned to the Diary Room one-by-one to nominate two housemates of their choice for eviction.

Zak received five nominations from Hallie, Kerry, Chanelle, Jenkin and Henry while Henry received four nominations from Dylan, Olivia, Noky and Jenkin.

Big Brother airs nightly at 9pm except Saturdays on ITV2 and ITVX

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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