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Big Brother 'reviewing' incident after Kerry uses 'awful and outdated' slur

Big Brother 'reviewing' incident after Kerry uses 'awful and outdated' slur

ITV confirmed it was looking into what happened

This article contains language some readers may find offensive

ITV is 'reviewing' an incident after fans slammed housemate Kerry for using an 'awful and outdated' on Big Brother earlier this week.

Kerry, 40, was one of a number of contestants enjoying the VIP campsite experience for this week's shopping task.

But two of her fellow housemates decided to play a prank on her by hiding her luxury mattress - a stunt that didn't go down too well with her.

Olivia and Jenkin also told Kerry that viewers had voted for the housemate that they wanted to lose it.

A frustrated Kerry, an NHS manager from Essex, said she would ask Big Brother for the mattress back, having earned the special treatment after spending time out in the rain.

Sitting down with Olivia and Jenkin, she said: "Well, this is gay."

Kerry's comment left some viewers shocked.

The comment - which happened overnight between 15 October and 16 October - didn't go unnoticed by viewers, with one commenting: "I hope Kerry gets reprimanded for that."

Someone else said: "There is nothing wrong with the word gay itself but the problem is the context in which Kerry used it."

A third wrote: "I genuinely haven't heard someone use that expression in about 10 years. Shockingly awful and outdated. Actually even surprised Kerry would say it on TV."

ITV confirmed to the Daily Star that it is 'reviewing' the situation.

Tyla has reached out to ITV for a comment.

This week's shopping task has seen the Big Brother house transformed into 'Big Brother’s Happy Happy Happy Camp’, with the garden decked out with a campfire, portaloo and haystacks to give housemates 'the ultimate camping experience'.

The house was turned into 'Big Brother’s Happy Happy Happy Camp'.

Big Brother told the housemates: “Housemates, welcome to Big Brother’s Happy Happy Happy Camp. It’s time to enjoy my great British staycation.

"As you can see, my house has transformed into the happiest campsite ever. Over the next few days you will be at one with nature - living and breathing all things outdoors.

"The rules for this task are simple. All you have to do is sit back, relax and you must remain happy, happy, happy. In true British staycation style, tonight you will all be sleeping under the stars.”

Responding to the news, Kerry said: "This is the worst task ever.”

Hallie also wasn't happy with the theme for the week, saying in the Diary Room: “Big Brother, I am not impressed. I want some food and I want to be a VIP glamper and I want a warm shower and I want a proper toilet.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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