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Big Brother housemates caught having secret kiss under covers after lights go out

Big Brother housemates caught having secret kiss under covers after lights go out

Many viewers have been convinced there's a love triangle going on among three housemates

Things are heating up in the Big Brother house after two housemates were seen KISSING under the covers.

Over the past few weeks, we've all been glued to the supposed love triangle between Jordan, Henry and Matty, with many of us wondering if anything will happen.

At first, Jordan and Henry seemed close, but when Henry was up for eviction, the plot suddenly thickened as Jordan grew friendlier with Matty.

And it seems we're not the only ones speculating about the possibility of a budding romance, as the housemates have also picked up on something.

Sitting across from Jordan and Henry in the garden, in tonight's show Jenkin asks Hallie: “Do you reckon them two would be a cute couple?”

Viewers reckon there's a love triangle between Jordan, Henry and Matty.

She responds: “I’ve always thought that you know!”

Jenkin continues: “You can just tell they have a really good relationship."

When Tom comes over, they ask what he thinks, and it turns out he's sold on the idea, too.

“I don’t know... It would be cool if they were!” he says.

Later in today's episode - and unbeknownst to their fellow housemates - Jordan and Henry then share their most tender moment to date... a kiss as they say goodnight to one another.

“Can’t kiss on camera, sorry,” Jordan then says coyly.


Jordan and Henry shared a smooch in bed.

Former housemate Zak, who was evicted last Friday, doesn't reckon anything will happen between Jordan and Matty, despite how close they became before eviction night.

Speaking to Pink News, he said he was 'a little bit aware' of the love triangle rumours, adding: “But at the same time, a lot of the conversations they were having I wasn’t around for.

“There’s five, six different rooms in the house so there’s always a lot of conversations going on when I’m around.”

He continued: “Matty’s got a boyfriend on the outside. And I feel like Matty’s one of those guys, he’ll stick to not doing anything stupid.

“I don’t believe that Matty’s gonna say to Jordan at all. You can see a lot of the time Matty was like ‘okay you need to stop now’. But we’ll see, in the house it can get very intense. You never know what’s gonna happen.”

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