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Steph's Packed Lunch: Viewers' Shock As Guests Strip Off On Channel 4 Show

Steph's Packed Lunch: Viewers' Shock As Guests Strip Off On Channel 4 Show

Guests at Steph's Packed Lunch appeared naked for a segment on the rise in naturism amongst younger people.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Steph's Packed Lunch on Channel 4 made a bold statement on Friday as the show's guests stripped naked for a segment on naturism amongst young people.

Channel 4's live daytime show saw members of the Packed Lunch family appearing in their birthday suits all around the studio following an item about the rise in naturism amongst younger people.

Comedian Luke Kempner read the One O'Clock Views in the nude, while John Whaite also embodied the naked chef and gardener Michael Perry also got his kit off, on Leeds Dock.

Meanwhile, Gemma Atkinson, Steph McGovern and Alan Johnson also appeared starkers - with cushions covering their modesty - just before the credits rolled.

Channel 4
Channel 4

Reacting to the rather, err... under-dressed scenes, fans flocked to Twitter to express their amusement.

"That's a lot of strategically placed foliage. Daytime TV is a joy, isn't it?," one person wrote.

While another, rather perplexed, viewer penned: "Been watching for about 15 mins and no explanation for the nakedness. #stephspackedlunch".

"Loving @PackedLunchC4 today, very amusing #stephspackedlunch @Channel4," a third quipped.

As another joked: "I'm so glad we never got to see Alan's Johnson. That's too much on a Friday arvo. Loved the show today. Well done to the lunch mates who got their kit off".

Chef John Whaite also appeared starkers (
Channel 4)

The feature came as nudist Steph McManus appeared on the show, amongst others, to explain the appeal of ditching clothes for good, following a battle with an eating disorder and other body image issues.

"I haven't had any negative comments at all, because who I'm being when I'm talking about it - I'm being powerful, I'm being empowering, I'm being liberating," she told Steph. "And people see that, and they feel that.

"And they're just so amazed and they're happy for me, because they've seen the struggles I've been through with my anorexia and my binge eating disorder, even struggling through body building.

Guest Steph appeared to tell her story (
Channel 4)

"I'm just a completely different person and they're in love with that. To the point where my mum's framed a photo of me naked and put it on my wall - and she's the last person who I thought would embrace my nudity".

It might be a lot of nakedness for a Friday lunchtime, but we think this is rather lovely...

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4