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Tess Holliday Slams 'Fat Shaming' Media For Their Photos Of Her Disneyland Trip

Tess Holliday Slams 'Fat Shaming' Media For Their Photos Of Her Disneyland Trip

Tess said the behaviour 'creates a breeding ground for body shaming'.

Tess Holliday has slammed 'fat shaming' media for sharing paparazzi photographs of her trip to Disneyland.

The model, 36, had been enjoying a trip with family, but noticed a number publications had shared photos of her "only in moments where [she] was eating food."

Tess slammed certain publications for the photos (

Tess took to Twitter where she explained that in the 10 hours she was there, she "walked miles, went on rides [and] ate some great food".

However, she added that some publications "decided to share some paparazzi photos of me at my most tired and only in the moments when I was eating food."

She added: "Ever notice how smaller bodied public figures can eat whatever they want and somehow that’s either ignored or seen as cute?!

"They showed the version of me that THEY want the world to see: a fat person eating and being tired. How that’s newsworthy is beyond me when there’s things worthy of coverage not getting attention. What they didn’t show were the very many moments of joy and excitement I shared that day.

"What they didn’t share was me and Bowie sharing all of our ice cream and taking bites one after the other and laughing. What they didn’t show was the reality of my life—that I am lucky to be in a position to spend a great day with my son at Disney.

"So I’m gonna share those moments of joy with y’all in this thread!"

Tess shared her own photos on the thread (
Tess Holliday/Twitter)

Tess went on to say this kind of behaviour "creates a breeding ground for body shaming".

"When the media shares photos of me through the lens of their fat phobic assumptions, they tell everyone who looks like me that they are worthless," she said.

"When they create a breeding ground for body shaming comments, they create a swamp where hatred of others and of ourselves can grow. It’s just not productive—if we want to live in a better, kinder world, we need to reject this kind of harmful behaviour.

"I don’t care what you think about me, or if you find me attractive or believe I have an eating disorder, but if you want to criticize me, find a better reason than my body.

"It’s corny and it’s harmful—not just to me, but to every single person who looks like me, which is a huge percentage of the world right now.

"To my community of fat folks/those that struggle with your body image: y’all are seen, valued, and appreciated just as you are RIGHT NOW."

Tess took to Twitter to call out the photos (
Instagram/Tess Holliday)

Since Tess spoke out on social media, hundreds of fans having been rushing to support her, with one writing: "Stay positive - you are a fabulous, wonderful and a beautiful person."

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