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Love Island's Aaron Simpson Reveals Reason Behind Mary Bedford Split

Love Island's Aaron Simpson Reveals Reason Behind Mary Bedford Split

Aaron said that the relationship was 'one sided' and Mary hadn't communicated with him.

Love Island star Aaron Simpson has hinted as to why he and Mary Bedford didn't last on the outside world, following their announcement that they were over just says after leaving the ITV villa.

ICYMI, 22-year-old Mary put footballer Aaron, 24, firmly into the friend-zone on Love Island: Aftersun just days ahead of the finale, after they were both booted off the main show.

And now Aaron has spoken on the demise of their romance, seemingly suggesting that they came to an end because things were "one-sided" - but not in the way Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruikshank believed.

Watch the video for yourself:

In the villa, after the islanders were asked to vote over who was 'least compatible,' soon-to-be fourth place finalists Kaz and Tyler told Aaron that they believed Mary had more feelings for him, and that he wasn't reciprocating the 'feels as much.

However, Aaron has now admitted that upon leaving the villa, it became all too clear things were actually the opposite way round.

Speaking on fellow islander Georgia Townend's Instagram story, during a Q&A, he said: "So guys, what I need you to know is that when I spoke to Kaz and Tyler we obviously had a long conversation that you didn't see, but we spoke about our compatibility and Kaz and Tyler thought it was one sided on Mary’s behalf - Mary liked me a little more.

Aaron telling it straight (
Instagram/ Georgia Townend)

"I feel like coming out it’s probably shown that it was the other way round."

He added: "Circumstances are circumstances and I know a lot has happened but also you lot are asking for the apology - that happened a long time ago.

"I haven't watched the show so I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I apologised to Kaz a long time ago."

Oh the drama!

The couple struck up a romance after Toby Aromolaran ditched Mary to recouple with Chloe Burrows following an eventful turn in Casa Amor, and Aaron later entered as a bombshell.

And they were appalled at the suggestion that they weren't the real deal when they were put up for the public vote by their fellow islanders.

Aaron and Mary seemed solid in the villa (

Speaking about their breakup not long before Aaron's Q&A, Mary said that personal issues got in the way of her focusing on their romance on the outside world.

She told fans that her grandmother died while she was in Mallorca, and she wanted to focus on remembering her and grieving.

“Coming out of the villa and finding out the news about my grandma completely threw me, I’ve never lost anyone close to me so it has been really hard to be honest…," she told a fan when asked about the breakup.

"A result of this my head is all over the place, and all I knew is I wanted to be back home surrounded by my loved ones."

Aaron responded to The Sun: "It was hard to see her Instagram story the other day as that's more than she has said to me. It would have been nice to have spoken - when I like someone I want to make sure they're ok. It's been hard being shut out - I want to be there for her."

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