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Fans Furious Over Rapper Lil Nas X's 'Pregnancy Reveal'

Fans Furious Over Rapper Lil Nas X's 'Pregnancy Reveal'

The stunt was to promote the imminent release of his new album.

Little Nas X has teased he's got a very special arrival coming soon.

No stranger from controversy, Lil Nas was bound to get people talking with his upcoming debut album.

But some are arguing he's taking it too far with his latest promotional stunt.

The popular rapper, 22, revealed he is ‘expecting’ his new baby in a photoshoot for People magazine – which featured him wearing an actual prosthetic baby bump.

But of course, Lil Nas is not pregnant with a child - but his first album.

“SURPRISE! I can’t believe I’m finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy ‘MONTERO’ is due September 17, 2021,” he wrote on Instagram.

Not dissimilar to Beyonce’s now legendary pregnancy photoshoot, Lil Nas, real name Montero Lamar Hill, wore a long white gown and a crown of white flowers in his hair.

Although tongue-in-cheek, some Lil Nas X’s fans were less than impressed with the promotional stunt.

However, some fans were unimpressed (

Many people took to call out the rapper online, with one woman writing: “There were other ways you could have chosen to promote your album. You'll never know what we as women endure when bring a baby into this cruel world. The labour pains, swollen feet, the weight gain.....etc.”

A second wrote: “I’m sorry but was it actually necessary to be pregnant for promo on your new album, there is lots of stigma and hurt around pregnancy, lots of woman can’t even have magazine covers when their pregnant to promote their albums but this is fine?

“No hate just the bigger picture.”

Others thought they mocked the female experience (

A third said: “Their mocking women’s experiences and actions with that,” while a fourth chipped in: “You’re using pregnancy and making fun of it. You’ll make everyone hate you.”

“Stop using pregnancy as a prop to make money as a woman I don't appreciate and find it offensive,” a fifth said. “Triggering, in fact I’m sick to my stomach.”

However, Lil Nas X didn’t let the negative reactions get to him, hitting back at haters.

“Let me get offline, all of this negative energy is not good for the baby,” he joked.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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