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Fans Spot 'Proof' Leigh-Anne's Leaked DMs Are Fake

Fans Spot 'Proof' Leigh-Anne's Leaked DMs Are Fake

The theory comes after Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj hosted an Instagram Live about the messages.

Fans believe they've found 'proof' a series of 'leaked' messages Leigh-Anne Pinnock wrote about her former co-star Jesy Nelson are fake.

Jesy found herself at the centre of a social media storm this week following the release for her first solo single Boyz, with some accusing the former Little Mix star of 'blackfishing' - adopting traditionally Black aesthetics and cultural references for personal gain.

And, if a series of DMs allegedly sent from Leigh-Anne Pinnock to @nohun_, her former bandmate agrees.

In response to the blackfishing allegations, Jesy hopped on an explosive Instagram Live with Boyz collaborator, Nicki Minaj, in which the rapper appeared to call Leigh-Anne a "clown".

"You don't have to come out and try to ruin anyone," Nicki said. "Let her [Jesy] have her time.

Jesy and Leigh-Anne were close while they were in Little Mix (

"If you was in this woman's group and you ain't talk about this sh*t for 10 years and as soon as you see she's got a video coming out with Nicki Minaj and Puffy now you're sending the stations text messages and all this sh*t."

But a Twitter thread has noticed some odd things about the screenshotted DMs, allegedly showing Leigh-Anne calling Jesy a "blackfish" and "horrible person", that could prove that they are not real at all.

The DMs allegedly show Leigh-Anne calling Jesy a "horrible person" (

Firstly, Leigh-Anne's verified tick does not appear in the message and neither does a pink/grey circle around her display picture, despite posting in her Instagram story during the day that these direct messages were said to be sent.

One of the DM screenshots included what appeared to be sent voice messages, however, @WavyKidJT_ pointed out something strange.

The pink/grey ring round someone's display picture when they've posted to their story is not there (

In a tweet with a picture of the voice clips circled, the tweeter captioned it: "And if these voice clips we’re [sic] real, how are the all the same time and the same exact pitch? And you mean to tell me he sent three voice clips and all Leigh replied to were the messages on top? He needs a hobby."

People are arguing about the legitimacy of the voice clips sent (

Some people weren't entirely convinced by this, including one person who replied: "IG voice notes always display the same visual once they’re sent, unless it’s a shorter voice note".

Instagram does in fact show the same wave form print in voice messages, but they do vary in length depending on their time.

Both Leigh-Anne and nohun_'s reps have been contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Instagram/Leigh-Anne Pinnock/Twitter/WavyKidJT_/nohun_

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