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Luca Bish's Family Respond As He's Criticised For Fight With Gemma

Luca Bish's Family Respond As He's Criticised For Fight With Gemma

They don't understand why the fishmonger is being criticised so much

Luca Bish was not happy with Gemma Owen in last night's episode of Love Island, which saw the islanders get their sexy on for the Mile High Club challenge.

Despite being challenged to be sexy as part of the game, Luca took umbrage with how much effort Gemma put into her sexy flight attendant dance for the boys, and he made his feelings known. Watch below:

The pair went on to have an explosive argument, and despite claiming they had cleared the air following a later chat, things remain difficult between them.

Fans of the show subsequently took to social media to brand Luca 'jealous', 'controlling' and slam what viewers saw as a 'lack of manners'.

Now, the 23-year-old's family have responded to the backlash he is currently facing for his actions.

They wrote on his Instagram Story after the first look of yesterday's episode: "What's he actually done wrong here to warrant these comments please? People are just hating to hate at this point.

"You can see multiple times he evidently attempts to squish whatever is going on (which none of us even know yet as you've not watched it).

"People need to stop judging based off, in this case, 60 seconds lol.

"Stop jumping on a bandwagon at someone else's expense."

Fans think Gemma has had enough of Luca.

His family went on to post yet another statement on Luca's social media after the episode itself aired, describing the villa as a 'crazy intense environment.'

They wrote: "It's a crazy intense environment where emotions are heightened. Learning to have disagreements and resolve them is part of all successful relationships.

"Society preaches for men to not bottle things up and to open up??? So proud of how vulnerable and in touch with his emotions he's been. Nothing but real."

They followed this up with heart emojis and added: "First to admit he's being a little f**k, but really don't think he's wrong here at all."

Luca's family concluded the post with crying emoji and more hearts, writing: "Would do anything to hug him."

Could Luca and Gemma be on the rocks?

The girls were the first to notice that Luca didn't seem happy after Gemma's transformation into a sexy flight attendant, with Ekin-Su asking: "Was it me or was I seeing that Luca was being a bit weird? Like when you were doing your challenge?"

"He was just a little bit of a baby," Indiyah went on to add.

Gemma then agreed, saying: "It's really not that deep, but if he's gonna be a p***k over it then he can do one."

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