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Billy's Family Demand He's Sent Home From 'Toxic' Show After Danica Fight

Billy's Family Demand He's Sent Home From 'Toxic' Show After Danica Fight

They called out what they believe to be double standards on the dating show.

Last night's episode of Love Island saw explosive scenes between Billy and Danica after she confronted him for telling the other islanders they'd been intimate.

He went on to reject Danica, and she was left humiliated by the ordeal, but now his family have are demanding that he is sent home from the 'toxic' show. Watch Deji confront Billy below:

As reported by The Sun, his family took to social media to slam Danica for being upset that Billy kissed Gemma in 'Snog, Marry, Pie' and explained that was why he likely lost interest in her.

They wrote on social media: "My thoughts/opinion on last night's episode...

"First of all double standards is a thing. I feel Billy was probably put off from Danica's behaviour after the 'Snog, Marry, Pie' game as she took it too seriously. It's a game.

"After this, he called it a day, and they both maturely dealt with it and moved on."

Billy's family then said that double standards were at play when it came to reactions to the islanders' bedroom antics.

They continued: "Adam tells the girls about the bedroom antics, Ekin-Su joins in to stir it up even more and makes out like Bill has done something the boys and girls haven't been doing every morning since the show started.

"And didn't Danica tell the girls about it too? Oh yeah."

Billy was mesmerised by Danica.

The islander's family also took umbrage to the girls' decision to encourage Danica to call out Billy's apparent misdeeds.

They wrote: "The girls egged Danica on to start arguing again. At this point Billy had had enough and was confused at why the day before it was fine and now it's all mad again.

"Bring our boy home. Away from this mad toxic place."

Danica was left distraught on last night's episode after Billy admitted that he did not see the pair moving forward romantically - at least not right now.

She said: "I could see myself moving forward in a romantic scenario with you."

"Right now I'm not feeling that romance side of things, it hasn’t clicked," he admitted. "That doesn't mean I'm not going to feel it - there's clearly a sexual attraction there."

However, Billy's family might not need to wait long for him to leave the villa as he and Dami are currently up for a potential dumping tonight - with their fellow islanders deciding who goes.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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