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Love Island Fans Shocked After Spotting Gemma Flash Luca From Balcony

Love Island Fans Shocked After Spotting Gemma Flash Luca From Balcony

Gemma might be the youngest islander, but she's definitely not the shiest!

Gemma Owen might be the youngest contestant on this year’s Love Island, but she’s definitely proven that she can still shock viewers.

It all went down on last night’s episode that saw the 19-year-old get closer to her 23-year-old on-screen partner, Luca Bish. Watch below:

In a cheeky moment that’s shocked Twitter, the international dressage rider decided to flash her breasts to the fishmonger on the Love Island villa’s balcony. 

Reacting to the move, one Twitter user joked: “Michael Owen watching Gemma flash Luca on the balcony.”

“Did Gemma just flash Luca from the balcony??” questioned another viewer who couldn’t quite believe their eyes. 

Another said: “Did Gemma just flash her boobs to Luca on live television?”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote that in their opinion, Gemma is too young to be flashing anyone.

They declared: “DID GEMMA JUST FLASH LUCA IN THE GEEAT OUTDOORS?????? Gemma you are fresh out of a levels save that for your 20s [sic].”

Another speculated about Michael Owen’s reaction, posting a meme of a threatening-looking dog in a balaclava. 

A sixth found Gemma’s decision to flash bizarre as she knows are family are watching the show.

They wrote: “How the f**k are you gonna flash someone on national television. And your dad is watching this…. Nah Gemma is just odd.”

This is not the first time that Love Island viewers have seen Gemma’s wild side and she also performed a raunchy dance for the heart rate challenge. 

Gemma Owen dancing.
ITV / Love Island

This didn’t go unnoticed by her famous dad, who simply posted an emoji of a person hiding behind their hands. Understandable.

The former England player previously opened up about his daughter’s stint on the show to ITV News, describing Gemma as ‘sensible’.

“I have no doubts that she will make us all proud,” he said. “It’s probably a father’s worst nightmare, but whatever she wants to do you've got be supportive.”

He explained that he has never personally watched Love Island before, but he will be making an exception this year to watch his teenage daughter.

“I’ve heard a lot about it,” he said. “I think old, grumpy men like me will always have an opinion on it because I don’t watch it and you just hear the snippets, but she assures me that it's not as bad as I think.

“So, we’ll give it a watch and I hope she enjoys herself.”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9 pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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