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Love Island's Gemma Accidentally Calls Luca Ex-Boyfriend's Name In Intimate Moment

Love Island's Gemma Accidentally Calls Luca Ex-Boyfriend's Name In Intimate Moment

Well, this is awkward.

Love Island has given fans plenty of awkward moments over the years, and it looks like this season is going to be no exception.

After Gemma’s ex Jacques sensationally joined the island, she made the faux pas of calling her current love interest, Luca, by his name. Ouch. Watch here, if you dare:

The unbelievable incident took place after the Islanders said goodbye to Afia, who was the first person to be ‘dumped’ from the island.

While embracing the latest person she’s been coupled up with, Luca, in the kitchen, Gemma accidentally called him Jacques. 

As if that wasn’t already awkward enough, she had an added audience of the other Islanders, including Jacques himself who was sitting nearby.

Gemma accidentally called Luca by her ex-boyfriend, Jacques', name.

Meanwhile, onlookers took to social media to share their embarrassment at the situation.

"This Gemma calling Luca 'Jacques' thing looks like something recycled from a soap opera. Is this for real? Gemma is going back to Jacques we all know it. Quit playing," one person wrote.

Another couldn't believe what they had witnessed, writing: "NO WAY SHE ACTUALLY CALLED LUCA JACQUES-

I CALLED IT #LoveIsland."

Meanwhile, others defended the social media star for her honest mistake.

"Clearly used to her ex being annoying and got so used to telling him to stop," someone tweeted.

Someone else asked: "Luca deserved that because why was he so rough with Gemma?"

Gemma and Luca are currently coupled up.

The awkward blunder comes after Gemma’s famous dad, former England football player Michael Owen, opened up about her stint on the dating show.

He told the Daily Mail of the 19-year-old’s relationship with 27-year-old Davide: “It’s not something any father wants to watch, is it?”

He went on to say that he didn’t understand why the contestants had to immediately share a bed with someone they barely know.

Michael then addressed some of the criticism his daughter has faced; in particular, over her age. 

“It’s hard because I have three other kids and this is their sister and they are reading this stuff,” he admitted.

People were uncomfortable with Gemma being coupled up with Davide, who is 8 years her senior.

While some have criticised Gemma’s personality, her dad asserted: “She’s the most amazing girl you could meet.

“She’s clever and funny and kind. She’s not two-faced. She’s loyal, a decent person. She’s still our baby. I’m still my parents’ baby and I’m 42! It’s how it is.”

Michael said that he wasn't thrilled when the show's producers approached his daughter to come on Love Island, but he said he had to 'trust in his own parenting'.

He said: “You have to let them go, spread their wings. She’s a sensible girl. She won’t do anything that’ll make us ashamed.”

Featured Image Credit: Credit: ITV

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