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Love Island Fans Have A Theory Why Gemma And Luca Were So 'Salty' Over Ekin-Su And Davide Going Exclusive

Love Island Fans Have A Theory Why Gemma And Luca Were So 'Salty' Over Ekin-Su And Davide Going Exclusive

The pair made a point of saying they didn't have to do anything like 'that' to let the others know they are exclusive

This year's season of Love Island is slowly but surely drawing to a close, and this has resulted in a lot of couples clarifying where their relationships are at.

The latest pair to do so were Ekin-Su and Davide, who sweetly - in every sense of the word - decided that they were official over some tiramisu. Watch below:

It all went down when Davide decided to make Ekin-Su some tiramisu after their relationship was once again put to the test by the arrival of new bombshells.

She was delighted by the gesture and agreed to take their budding romance to the next level with exclusivity.

However, Gemma and Luca didn't appear thrilled when the couple shared their news with the rest of the villa.

Luca joked that Ekin-Su had given him 'clarity' by saying it was actually those two who were exclusive, and Gemma replied: "Oh shut up."

She went on to explain that they didn't need to do something like 'that' to let the others know that they are exclusive.

Gemma and Luca weren't thrilled by Davide and Ekin-Su's news.

Now, Love Island fans have a theory about why the pair couldn't simply be happy for Davide and Ekin-Su.

One fan speculated that the reason the couple didn't seem happy is because they really don't want to be together.

They wrote: "Luca is upset seeing Andrew+Tasha, Davide+Ekin-su, Adam+Paige and Indiyah+Dami further along in their relationships than him & Gemma even though they've been together longer without major issues [sic].

"What Luca can't see is... Gemma is faking it."

Another user agreed, writing: "Why are Gemma and luca so salty?? Just cause y'all's relationship is like watching paint dry doesn't mean you should reflect it on other ppl [sic]."

"Luca stands no chance with Gemma outside the villa and they’re as salty as each other," wrote a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth fan speculated that the 'salty' reaction could stem from the fact that Gemma was initially interested in Davide.

They wrote "I think Gemma she is holding a grudge on Ekin because she stole Davide from her she really really fancied Davide week 1.She said 9/10 she gets what she wants but she didn't get Davide I feel it's this reason she's been shady at Ekin [sic]."

"Gemma hates Ekin Su and someone needs to tell my girl," remarked a fifth. "Idc I think Gemma is partially salty that she got stuck Luca Bundy while Ekin got Davide, the guy she's actually attracted to [sic]. She wanted Jay to say he liked her too."

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9:00pm and with just days left to go, it's set to be another spicy episode!

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