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Love Island Star Says Weight Dropped In Villa Because Of 'Sh*t' Food

Love Island Star Says Weight Dropped In Villa Because Of 'Sh*t' Food

Chyna Mills claimed that the Love Island food was so bad she ended up losing weight

This year's dumped Love Island contestants have been spilling the beans about the food situation in the famous villa, but not everyone is impressed.

Chyna Mills, 23, who was one of the Casa Amor bombshells, claimed that the quality of the food wasn't up to scratch and she 'lost so much weight'.

She made the claim on her Instagram Story, where a fan asked her what the food – which is largely eaten off camera – was like.

"I barely ate in the villa, hence why I lost so much weight," the support worker, who left the villa alongside Jay Younger, 28, said.

"Some nights were alright, I'm sure we had a kebab one night. The lunch was s**t."

She went on to address fans who were concerned that she appeared to be losing weight after her brief stint in the villa.

"It is sad but I'm getting my appetite back now which is good," she explained.

"The food just wasn't to my liking some days - I can't say every day I didn't eat, but you just couldn't make things yourself if you didn't like the food."

Tyla has contacted ITV for comment.

Chyna's revelation comes after Jay, her fellow dumpee and investment analyst, said there's a secret tuck shop for islanders.

When asked for a behind-the-scenes fact, he told Digital Spy : "I'm not sure if the viewers know that there is a big cupboard of food behind the kitchen. So, if you're really hungry at night, all you need to do is knock on that door, ask for what you want and it's given to you."

Jay's unusual breakfast.

Jay was then asked to clarify if it was a 'tuck shop' of sorts and he said: "Literally, whatever food you want it's on tap there.

"For me, it was chocolate rice cakes. I absolutely love them in the evenings, or bowls of cereal. There's a big cupboard of food in there so if you want it, it's right there."

However, while Jay didn't seem disappointed with the quality of the food, Chyna even brought up her hunger in her exit interview from the show.

She said that all she wanted 'other than a Chinese' was to 'ring my ex for a quick s**g!'

Let's hope that, at the very least, Chyna was able to get herself a Chinese after leaving the villa.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9:00pm and it's set to be a scorcher with less than week left until the finale.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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