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Security at the Love Island villa were once forced to step in as previous – and returning – contestant Kady McDermott caused absolute carnage.

The 27-year-old make-up artist first appeared on the small screen back in 2016 during Love Island’s second season.

Soon after, she was coupled up with Scott Thomas – who McDermott remained with until the final as they finished third overall.

However, the couple had their fair share of ups and downs, with fellow constant Zara Holland also vying for the club promoter’s affection.

Despite the intense love triangle, McDermott and Thomas ended up staying together for over a year and even moved to Manchester to be close to his brothers, Corrie star Ryan and Emmerdale regular Adam.

After the pair split in 2017, McDermott went on to have brief romances with Aston Villa footballer Matty Cash and TOWIE’s Myles Barnett.

Kady McDermott is back!

But now she’s looking for love again, having decided to give it a go on the reality dating show all over again - with the show announcing yesterday that the star would be returning to the villa as part of this the latest series.

A tweet from the official account said: “Major Bombshell Alert #LoveIsland legend Kady is returning to the Villa to find her future hubby, and she's got her eyes on Zachariah, Tyrique and Mitchel.”

Naturally, many fans were excited to see the ‘iconic’ Islander return to their screens, with one even resharing a classic clip of one of her most memorable moments.

The resurfaced video shows how McDermott accidentally spilled a drink down Malia Arkian, before things began to ESCALATE.

It started when McDermott spilt her drink.

The pair started screaming and shouting at one another as others tried to calm the situation down.

At one point, McDermott says to Arkian: "I swear to God, if you want to get rowdy…that’s a f**king joke. Do you honestly think I’d waste my wine over you? It was a f***ing accident.”

Eventually, security ended up having to step in to intervene.

McDermott later claimed she had been physically injured in the row, saying on social media: "She punched me in the nose after and gave me a nose bleed but they didn’t show it as too graphic.”

Security had to step in.

Arkian then replied to her, saying: "Oi u dumb little b***h do not sit there & try cuss me out on your Insta Story you low life.

"You don’t know me & I hope u never bump into me again, u already snaked me once.

"U desperate little beg, ur neighbour even emailed me coz they hate you, giving me your address."

McDermott then hit back: "Sh your noise hun the footie’s on.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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