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Love Island Fans Think Gemma's 'Pie' Choice Was 'Iconic'

Love Island Fans Think Gemma's 'Pie' Choice Was 'Iconic'

Gemma decided to get her revenge on Billy in tonight's episode of Love Island!

Love Island's Gemma Owen has been praised for her choices during a game of 'Snog, Marry, Pie' when she got her revenge on Casa Amor newcomer Billy.

This came after he implied that she was flirting with him when scenes of them together in Casa Amor were shown at movie night. Watch below:

Luca was left extremely upset by the revelations, and Gemma was forced to insist that she was only being nice to Billy and didn't actually like him.

So, when given the chance to snog, marry and pie three islanders, her choice of a pie was, unsurprisingly, Billy.

Fans have gone wild for her actions on social media.

"YES GEMMA YOU QUEEN THAT WAS ICONIC [sic]," praised one fan.

A second added: "Yes Gemma what a legend … f**k off Billy [sic]," while a third remarked: "Yes Gemma, love that she pied Billy [sic]."

Meanwhile, a fourth quoted the 19-year-old international dressage rider as they praised her actions.

They wrote: "'Apparently I [didn't] make it clear enough before but now hopefully he gets the message' YES GEMMA [sic]."

Luca was not happy at movie night.
ITV / Love Island

Elsewhere in the challenge, Gemma chose to snog Dami because he is Luca's best friend and therefore he'd know 'there was nothing in it.'

She then declared her love for Luca again in front of all the islanders when she asked him to marry her.

However, while Gemma might be a fan of Luca, Love Island fans have turned on him and Dami after they shaded Tasha in tonight's episode.

This happened when Luca said that she was riding on the coat tails of her now-boyfriend Andrew so that she can get to the show's final.

Dami went on to agree that their relationship was fake, despite them being the only official couple in the villa.

This did not go down well with fans on social media, who said that the boys should be happy for Tasha and Andrew if they are happy and accused them of bullying Tasha.

"Half the boys need chucked," wrote one fan, revealing that they had chosen Ekin-Su and Adam as their favourite islanders on the app.

Summer, clearly, shared the view of most viewers in the challenge, and she decided to kiss Adam, explaining that she doesn't have any time for the other boys at this stage!

However, given the absolute chaos that Adam caused back in 2018, it remains to be seen if he will turn out to be the unlikely knight in shining armour of this season.

Love Island continues tomorrow on ITV2 at 9 pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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